National Advisory Unit for Late Effects after Cancer Treatment

The National Advisory Unit for Late Effects after Cancer Treatment (the Unit) was established in 2005 and is located at the Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo University Hospital, and is partly founded by the Norwegian Department of Health.

The main objectives of the Unit are:

  • to perform research as to late effects after cancer
  • to provide information and advice to health care professionals, patients and decision-makers on how to prevent, diagnose and treat late effects after cancer

Research emphasis is put on second cancer, cardiovascular late effects, endocrine late effects, fertility, fatigue, quality of life, mental distress, sexuality and work status after cancer. More recently, research activities on mechanisms underlying late effects, bio-markers for such effects and intervention studies have been intensified. Data includes register-based data, clinical data, questionnaire-based data and blood samples for examiniation of hormones, inflammatory markers and genetic analyses.

In June 2020 the staff consist of, leader Cecilie E. Kiserud, professor emerita Sophie D. Fosså, senior researcher Alv A. Dahl researcher Lene Thorsen, research nurse Siri Lothe Hess and administrative assistent Vigdis Sandviken Opperud. Currently 10 PhD students and 3 post-docs are supervised by the Unit's senior researchers. In addition are 4 researchers working in part time at the Unit.

The Center cooperates with different departments at Oslo University Hospital, all oncological departments in Norway, the Cancer Registry of Norway and the Norwegian Birth Registry. Research cooperation has also been established with the National Cancer Institute, Washington, USA, the MD Andersson Cancer Center, Houston, USA and the Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA.

Contact Information
National Advisory Unit for Late Effects after Cancer Treatment
Oslo University Hospital, Radiumhospitalet
PO 4953, Nydalen
NO-0424 Oslo
Tel: +47 22934793
Headed by Cecilie E Kiserud