Urological cancers

More information to come.


Selected publications:

Costa VLHenrique RDanielsen SAEknaes MPatrício PMorais AOliveira JLothe RATeixeira MR, Lind GE, Jerónimo C (2011)
TCF21 and PCDH17 methylation: An innovative panel of biomarkers for a simultaneous detection of urological cancers
Epigenetics6 (9)1120-30
PubMed 21847011

Costa VLHenrique RDanielsen SADuarte-Pereira SEknaes MSkotheim RIRodrigues AMagalhães JSOliveira JLothe RA,Teixeira MRJerónimo C, Lind GE (2010)
Three epigenetic biomarkers, GDF15, TMEFF2, and VIM, accurately predict bladder cancer from DNA-based analyses of urine samples
Clin Cancer Res16 (23)5842-51
PubMed 20975101

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