Institute for Surgical Research

Institute for Surgical Research is an experimental research institute with major focus on molecular medicine and translational research within several of the principal clinical areas of the hospital.

The Institute has 8 research groups with research activities spanning from cardiovascular research, experimental orthopaedic research, neurosurgical research (glioblastoma stem cells), research on cell transplantation and tissue engineering, to experimental microsurgery and transplantation.

The institute also has an emergingstrategic focus on research in regenerative medicine. Many of the research groups at the Institute are members of major national scientific networks and centres, as well as of international networks.

The Institute houses one of the nodes of Core Facility for Large Animal Research at Oslo University Hospital. The core facility provides scientific advice, help and support in projects involving large animal research to scientists at Oslo University Hospital and other Helse Sør-Øst RHF hospitals, as well as to scientists at University of Oslo, and has state-of-the-art laboratories for large animal research.

Since its start in 1966 more than a 150 doctoral theses have been defended from the Institute. Researchers at the Institute have made many important contributions to novel treatment modalities and novel diagnostic tools.

Professor Håvard Attramadal is currently acting Head of Institute. 

The Institute has 8 research groups, working within the following fields:

Molecular Cardiology 

Group leader: professor Håvard Attramadal
Håvard Attramadal Vilhelm Magnus Laboratory for Neurosurgical Research 

Group leader: professor Iver A. Langmoen
Iver A. Langmoen
Integrated Cardiovascular Function 

Group leader: professor Otto A. Smiseth
Otto A. Smiseth

Experimental Cell Transplantation

Group leader: senior scientist Hanne Scholz


Experimental Orthopaedic Research

Group leader: professor Lars Nordsletten

Lars Nordsletten

Transplantation and malignancy

Group leader: consultant Svein Dueland

Svein Dueland
Experimental Microsurgery and Transplantation

Group leader: head of clinic Pål-Dag Line
Pål-Dag Line Research in plastic and reconstructive surgery

Group leader: head of department Kim A. Tønseth

Kim A. Tønseth


Contact Information:

Phone: +47 23 07 35 20, Fax: +47 23 07 35 30

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