Jørgen Wesche
Position: Group Leader, PhD
Phone: +47 22 78 19 31


Jørgen is in charge of the group Molecular Biology of Sarcoma


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Publications 2017

Kjørstad KE, Baksaas ST, Bundgaard D, Halbakken E, Hasselgård T, Jonung T, Jørgensen GT, Jørgensen JJ, Krog AH, Krohg-Sørensen K, Laxdal E, Mathisen SR, Oskarsson GV, Seljeskog S, Settemsdal I, Vetrhus M, Viddal BA, Wesche J, Aasgaard F, Mattsson E (2017)
Editor's Choice - The National Norwegian Carotid Study: Time from Symptom Onset to Surgery is too Long, Resulting in Additional Neurological Events
Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg, 54 (4), 415-422
PubMed 28844552

Publications 2016

Haugsten EM, Sørensen V, Kunova Bosakova M, de Souza GA, Krejci P, Wiedlocha A, Wesche J (2016)
Proximity Labeling Reveals Molecular Determinants of FGFR4 Endosomal Transport
J Proteome Res, 15 (10), 3841-3855
PubMed 27615514

Zöllner H, Jouni R, Panzer S, Khadour A, Janzen L, Wesche J, Ten Berg M, Schellong S, Heinken A, Greinacher A, Bakchoul T (2016)
Platelet activation in the presence of neutral protamine Hagedorn insulin: a new feature of antibodies against protamine/heparin complexes
J Thromb Haemost, 15 (1), 176-184
PubMed 27759896

Publications 2014

Haugsten EM, Brech A, Liestøl K, Norman JC, Wesche J (2014)
Photoactivation approaches reveal a role for Rab11 in FGFR4 recycling and signalling
Traffic, 15 (6), 665-83
PubMed 24589086

Oppelt A, Haugsten EM, Zech T, Danielsen HE, Sveen A, Lobert VH, Skotheim RI, Wesche J (2014)
PIKfyve, MTMR3 and their product PtdIns5P regulate cancer cell migration and invasion through activation of Rac1
Biochem J, 461 (3), 383-90
PubMed 24840251

Publications 2013

Haugsten EM, Oppelt A, Wesche J (2013)
Phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate is a second messenger important for cell migration
Commun Integr Biol, 6 (5), e25446
PubMed 24265857

Nadratowska-Wesolowska B, Haugsten EM, Zakrzewska M, Jakimowicz P, Zhen Y, Pajdzik D, Wesche J, Wiedlocha A (2013)
RSK2 regulates endocytosis of FGF receptor 1 by phosphorylation on serine 789
Oncogene, 33 (40), 4823-36
PubMed 24141780

Zakrzewska M, Haugsten EM, Nadratowska-Wesolowska B, Oppelt A, Hausott B, Jin Y, Otlewski J, Wesche J, Wiedlocha A (2013)
ERK-mediated phosphorylation of fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 on Ser777 inhibits signaling
Sci Signal, 6 (262), ra11
PubMed 23405013

Publications 2012

Oppelt A, Lobert VH, Haglund K, Mackey AM, Rameh LE, Liestøl K, Schink KO, Pedersen NM, Wenzel EM, Haugsten EM, Brech A, Rusten TE, Stenmark H, Wesche J (2012)
Production of phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate via PIKfyve and MTMR3 regulates cell migration
EMBO Rep, 14 (1), 57-64
PubMed 23154468

Publications 2011

Haugsten EM, Zakrzewska M, Brech A, Pust S, Olsnes S, Sandvig K, Wesche J (2011)
Clathrin- and dynamin-independent endocytosis of FGFR3--implications for signalling
PLoS One, 6 (7), e21708
PubMed 21779335

Nådland IH, Wesche J, Sheriff DD, Toska K (2011)
Does the great saphenous vein stripping improve arterial leg blood flow during exercise?
Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg, 41 (5), 697-703
PubMed 21376644

Nådland IH, Wesche J, Sheriff DD, Toska K (2011)
Does venous insufficiency impair the exercise-induced rise in arterial leg blood flow?
Phlebology, 26 (8), 326-31
PubMed 21937517

Wesche J, Haglund K, Haugsten EM (2011)
Fibroblast growth factors and their receptors in cancer
Biochem J, 437 (2), 199-213
PubMed 21711248

Publications 2010

Haglund K, Nezis IP, Lemus D, Grabbe C, Wesche J, Liestøl K, Dikic I, Palmer R, Stenmark H (2010)
Cindr interacts with anillin to control cytokinesis in Drosophila melanogaster
Curr Biol, 20 (10), 944-50
PubMed 20451383

Haugsten EM, Wiedlocha A, Olsnes S, Wesche J (2010)
Roles of fibroblast growth factor receptors in carcinogenesis
Mol Cancer Res, 8 (11), 1439-52
PubMed 21047773

Lobert VH, Brech A, Pedersen NM, Wesche J, Oppelt A, Malerød L, Stenmark H (2010)
Ubiquitination of alpha 5 beta 1 integrin controls fibroblast migration through lysosomal degradation of fibronectin-integrin complexes
Dev Cell, 19 (1), 148-59
PubMed 20643357

Publications 2009

Zakrzewska M, Zhen Y, Wiedlocha A, Olsnes S, Wesche J (2009)
Size limitation in translocation of fibroblast growth factor 1 fusion proteins across the endosomal membrane
Biochemistry, 48 (30), 7209-18
PubMed 19558187

Publications 2008

Haugsten EM, Malecki J, Bjørklund SM, Olsnes S, Wesche J (2008)
Ubiquitination of fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 is required for its intracellular sorting but not for its endocytosis
Mol Biol Cell, 19 (8), 3390-403
PubMed 18480409

Publications 2007

Nilsen T, Rosendal KR, Sørensen V, Wesche J, Olsnes S, Wiedłocha A (2007)
A nuclear export sequence located on a beta-strand in fibroblast growth factor-1
J Biol Chem, 282 (36), 26245-56
PubMed 17616529

Publications 2006

Raiborg C, Wesche J, Malerød L, Stenmark H (2006)
Flat clathrin coats on endosomes mediate degradative protein sorting by scaffolding Hrs in dynamic microdomains
J Cell Sci, 119 (Pt 12), 2414-24
PubMed 16720641

Sørensen V, Wiedlocha A, Haugsten EM, Khnykin D, Wesche J, Olsnes S (2006)
Different abilities of the four FGFRs to mediate FGF-1 translocation are linked to differences in the receptor C-terminal tail
J Cell Sci, 119 (Pt 20), 4332-41
PubMed 17003104

Wesche J, Małecki J, Wiedłocha A, Skjerpen CS, Claus P, Olsnes S (2006)
FGF-1 and FGF-2 require the cytosolic chaperone Hsp90 for translocation into the cytosol and the cell nucleus
J Biol Chem, 281 (16), 11405-12
PubMed 16495214

Publications 2005

Haugsten EM, Sørensen V, Brech A, Olsnes S, Wesche J (2005)
Different intracellular trafficking of FGF1 endocytosed by the four homologous FGF receptors
J Cell Sci, 118 (Pt 17), 3869-81
PubMed 16091423

Lembert N, Wesche J, Petersen P, Doser M, Zschocke P, Becker HD, Ammon HPT (2005)
Encapsulation of Islets in Rough Surface, Hydroxymethylated Polysulfone Capillaries Stimulates VEGF Release and Promotes Vascularization after Transplantation
Cell Transplant, 14 (2-3), 97-108
PubMed 28871857

Wesche J, Małecki J, Wiedłocha A, Ehsani M, Marcinkowska E, Nilsen T, Olsnes S (2005)
Two nuclear localization signals required for transport from the cytosol to the nucleus of externally added FGF-1 translocated into cells
Biochemistry, 44 (16), 6071-80
PubMed 15835896

Publications 2004

Wiedłocha A, Nilsen T, Wesche J, Sørensen V, Małecki J, Marcinkowska E, Olsnes S (2004)
Phosphorylation-regulated nucleocytoplasmic trafficking of internalized fibroblast growth factor-1
Mol Biol Cell, 16 (2), 794-810
PubMed 15574884

Publications 2003

Małecki J, Wesche J, Skjerpen CS, Wiedłocha A, Olsnes S (2003)
Translocation of FGF-1 and FGF-2 across vesicular membranes occurs during G1-phase by a common mechanism
Mol Biol Cell, 15 (2), 801-14
PubMed 14657241

Publications 2002

Małecki J, Wiedłocha A, Wesche J, Olsnes S (2002)
Vesicle transmembrane potential is required for translocation to the cytosol of externally added FGF-1
EMBO J, 21 (17), 4480-90
PubMed 12198150

Skjerpen CS, Nilsen T, Wesche J, Olsnes S (2002)
Binding of FGF-1 variants to protein kinase CK2 correlates with mitogenicity
EMBO J, 21 (15), 4058-69
PubMed 12145206

Skjerpen CS, Wesche J, Olsnes S (2002)
Identification of ribosome-binding protein p34 as an intracellular protein that binds acidic fibroblast growth factor
J Biol Chem, 277 (26), 23864-71
PubMed 11964394

Wesche J (2002)
Retrograde transport of ricin
Int J Med Microbiol, 291 (6-7), 517-21
PubMed 11890552

Publications 2001

Citores L, Khnykin D, Sørensen V, Wesche J, Klingenberg O, Wiedłocha A, Olsnes S (2001)
Modulation of intracellular transport of acidic fibroblast growth factor by mutations in the cytoplasmic receptor domain
J Cell Sci, 114 (Pt 9), 1677-89
PubMed 11398757

Falnes PØ, Wesche J, Olsnes S (2001)
Ability of the Tat basic domain and VP22 to mediate cell binding, but not membrane translocation of the diphtheria toxin A-fragment
Biochemistry, 40 (14), 4349-58
PubMed 11284691

Falnes PO, Wesche J, Olsnes S (2001)
Ability of the Tat basic domain and VP22 to mediate cell binding, but not membrane translocation of the diphtheria toxin A-fragment
Biochemistry, 40 (14), 4349-4358

Olsnes S, Wesche J (2001)
Microbiology. Fighting anthrax with a mutant toxin
Science, 292 (5517), 647-8
PubMed 11330322

Publications 2000

Day PJ, Owens SR, Wesche J, Olsnes S, Roberts LM, Lord JM (2000)
An interaction between ricin and calreticulin that may have implications for toxin trafficking
J Biol Chem, 276 (10), 7202-8
PubMed 11113144

Wesche J, Wiedłocha A, Falnes PO, Choe S, Olsnes S (2000)
Externally added aFGF mutants do not require extensive unfolding for transport to the cytosol and the nucleus in NIH/3T3 cells
Biochemistry, 39 (49), 15091-100
PubMed 11106487

Publications 1999

Citores L, Wesche J, Kolpakova E, Olsnes S (1999)
Uptake and intracellular transport of acidic fibroblast growth factor: evidence for free and cytoskeleton-anchored fibroblast growth factor receptors
Mol Biol Cell, 10 (11), 3835-48
PubMed 10564275

Wesche J, Rapak A, Olsnes S (1999)
Dependence of ricin toxicity on translocation of the toxin A-chain from the endoplasmic reticulum to the cytosol
J Biol Chem, 274 (48), 34443-9
PubMed 10567425

Publications 1998

Wesche J, Elliott JL, Falnes PO, Olsnes S, Collier RJ (1998)
Characterization of membrane translocation by anthrax protective antigen
Biochemistry, 37 (45), 15737-46
PubMed 9843379