Welcome to Xavier Tekpli’s project group Breast Cancer Heterogeneity and Oncoimmunology

Xavier TekpliProject group leader
Xavier Tekpli
Project group leader

Our group studies breast cancer pathogenesis with a specific focus on the role of the tumor microenvironment.

The lab collaborates with oncologists at OUS and Akershus University Hospital and conducts translational research in numerous clinical trials run by the oncologists. Currently, we capitalize on these connections with an ambitious new initiative that aims to merge the exciting new field of single-cell and spatial resolution methods with clinical studies collecting tumor biopsies serially sampled from patients treated in neoadjuvant setting. The major focus of the lab is to characterize how the tumor micro-environment determines breast tumor behavior and affects response to cancer therapies.


We are located at Ullevål, Oslo University Hospital at the department of Medical Genetics. In the building 25 in which our wet labs are situated, you can also find the Norwegian sequencing Center and the department of Pathology, which is an advantage, as we receive help for sequencing or single cell experiments, and we also easily connect with breast cancer pathologists who are tightly involved in our spatial transcriptomics experiments.

Key publications

  1. Aure MR, Fleischer T, [..], Tekpli X#, Kristensen VN#. Crosstalk between microRNA expression and DNA methylation drives the hormone-dependent phenotype of breast cancer. Genome Med. 2021
  2. Tekpli X, Lien T, [..], Naume B, Kristensen VN. An independent poor-prognosis subtype of breast cancer defined by a distinct tumor immune microenvironment. Nat Commun. 2019
  3. Fleischer T#, Tekpli X#, [..], Hurtado A, Kristensen VN. DNA methylation at enhancers identifies distinct breast cancer lineages. Nat Commun. 2017
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