Helga Bjarnason Landsverk

  • Senior Scientist; Ph.D

Publications 2023

Bay LTE, Stokke T, Syljuåsen RG, Landsverk HB (2023)
Analysis of RNA Polymerase II Chromatin Binding by Flow Cytometry
Bio Protoc, 13 (8), e4659
DOI 10.21769/BioProtoc.4659, PubMed 37113330

Publications 2022

Bay LTE, Syljuåsen RG, Landsverk HB (2022)
A novel, rapid and sensitive flow cytometry method reveals degradation of promoter proximal paused RNAPII in the presence and absence of UV
Nucleic Acids Res, 50 (15), e89
DOI 10.1093/nar/gkac434, PubMed 35641102

Publications 2021

Hauge S, Eek Mariampillai A, Rødland GE, Bay LTE, Landsverk HB, Syljuåsen RG (2021)
Expanding roles of cell cycle checkpoint inhibitors in radiation oncology
Int J Radiat Biol, 99 (6), 941-950
DOI 10.1080/09553002.2021.1913529, PubMed 33877959

Landsverk HB, Sandquist LE, Bay LTE, Syljuåsen RG (2021)
New link between the RNA polymerase II-CTD and replication stress
Mol Cell Oncol, 8 (3), 1910008
DOI 10.1080/23723556.2021.1910008, PubMed 34027044

Publications 2020

Landsverk HB, Sandquist LE, Bay LTE, Steurer B, Campsteijn C, Landsverk OJB, Marteijn JA, Petermann E, Trinkle-Mulcahy L, Syljuåsen RG (2020)
WDR82/PNUTS-PP1 Prevents Transcription-Replication Conflicts by Promoting RNA Polymerase II Degradation on Chromatin
Cell Rep, 33 (9), 108469
DOI 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.108469, PubMed 33264625

Publications 2019

Landsverk HB, Sandquist LE, Sridhara SC, Rødland GE, Sabino JC, de Almeida SF, Grallert B, Trinkle-Mulcahy L, Syljuåsen RG (2019)
Regulation of ATR activity via the RNA polymerase II associated factors CDC73 and PNUTS-PP1
Nucleic Acids Res, 47 (4), 1797-1813
DOI 10.1093/nar/gky1233, PubMed 30541148

Publications 2011

Küntziger T, Landsverk HB, Collas P, Syljuåsen RG (2011)
Protein phosphatase 1 regulators in DNA damage signaling
Cell Cycle, 10 (9), 1356-62
DOI 10.4161/cc.10.9.15442, PubMed 21451260

Publications 2010

Landsverk HB, Mora-Bermúdez F, Landsverk OJ, Hasvold G, Naderi S, Bakke O, Ellenberg J, Collas P, Syljuåsen RG, Küntziger T (2010)
The protein phosphatase 1 regulator PNUTS is a new component of the DNA damage response
EMBO Rep, 11 (11), 868-75
DOI 10.1038/embor.2010.134, PubMed 20890310

Publications 2006

Rogne M, Landsverk HB, Van Eynde A, Beullens M, Bollen M, Collas P, Küntziger T (2006)
The KH-Tudor domain of a-kinase anchoring protein 149 mediates RNA-dependent self-association
Biochemistry, 45 (50), 14980-9
DOI 10.1021/bi061418y, PubMed 17154535

Publications 2005

Landsverk HB, Kirkhus M, Bollen M, Küntziger T, Collas P (2005)
PNUTS enhances in vitro chromosome decondensation in a PP1-dependent manner
Biochem J, 390 (Pt 3), 709-17
DOI 10.1042/BJ20050678, PubMed 15907195

Publications 2004

Collas P, Martins SB, Landsverk HB (2004)
Signalling to the nucleus via A-kinase anchoring proteins
Symp Soc Exp Biol (56), 245-63
PubMed 15565886

Publications 2003

Steen RL, Beullens M, Landsverk HB, Bollen M, Collas P (2003)
AKAP149 is a novel PP1 specifier required to maintain nuclear envelope integrity in G1 phase
J Cell Sci, 116 (Pt 11), 2237-46
DOI 10.1242/jcs.00432, PubMed 12697839

Publications 2002

Collas P, Cline R, Landsverk HB, Hein WR, Goldsby RA, Osborne BA, Landsverk T (2002)
DNA-containing extracellular 50-nm particles in the ileal Peyer's patch of sheep
Eur J Cell Biol, 81 (2), 69-76
DOI 10.1078/0171-9335-00225, PubMed 11893084

Håkelien AM, Landsverk HB, Robl JM, Skålhegg BS, Collas P (2002)
Reprogramming fibroblasts to express T-cell functions using cell extracts
Nat Biotechnol, 20 (5), 460-6
DOI 10.1038/nbt0502-460, PubMed 11981558

Landsverk HB, Håkelien AM, Küntziger T, Robl JM, Skålhegg BS, Collas P (2002)
Reprogrammed gene expression in a somatic cell-free extract
EMBO Rep, 3 (4), 384-9
DOI 10.1093/embo-reports/kvf064, PubMed 11897658

Publications 2001

Landsverk HB, Carlson CR, Steen RL, Vossebein L, Herberg FW, Taskén K, Collas P (2001)
Regulation of anchoring of the RIIalpha regulatory subunit of PKA to AKAP95 by threonine phosphorylation of RIIalpha: implications for chromosome dynamics at mitosis
J Cell Sci, 114 (Pt 18), 3255-64
DOI 10.1242/jcs.114.18.3255, PubMed 11591814

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