Novel personalized management strategies for fibrosing diseases

Project manager: Anna-Maria Hoffmann-Vold, Department of Rheumatology, Dermatology and Infectious Diseases, Division of Surgery, Inflammatory Diseases and Transplantation
Member of research group: Fibrotic Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases (Nor-FIORD) (headed by Hoffmann-Vold)

Co-project manager: Mona Elisabeth Rootwelt-Revheim, Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Member of the Functional and Molecular Imaging and Therapy research group (headed by Revheim)

Anna-Maria Hoffmann-Vold (left) and Mona Elisabeth Rootwelt-Revheim 

This strategic research area establishes a multidisciplinary project consisting of 4 divisions at Oslo University Hospital (OUS). This project will strengthen the collaboration between our disciplines (rheumatology, cardiology, nuclear medicine/radiology, bioinformatics and statistics). By integration and implementation of novel molecular imaging techniques, clinical grade tools and new biomarkers directly into clinical practice we will develop personalized management approaches for patients with fibrosing diseases. This will enable highly competitive translational and clinical research, which will foster the initiation of new clinical trials, all ultimately benefiting patients with fibrosing diseases both locally, nationally and internationally.


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