Some ongoing studies

  • The Gut and Oral bacteria, Atherosclerosis and Ischemic Stroke Study
  • Atherosclerosis, Inflammation and Ischemic Stroke Study
  • Acute cerebral thrombi: mapping the immuno-thrombotic content -developing clinical tools for identifying the embolic source
  • Advanced ultrasound methods in the assessment of carotid plaque instability
  • Inflammation, atherosclerosis and ischemic stroke in chronic rhematological disease
  • FETCH: Fetal microchimerism (FMC) and future maternal cardiovascular health.
  • Hidden impairment after stroke
  • OSCAR; The Oslo Acute Revascularization Stroke Study
  • NOR-FIB 1 and 2
  • Para-NASPP
  • Treat-NASPP
  • The rural CT-study
  • Sex-differences in stroke
  • NorCOAST
  • ACE 1950
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