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Publications 2017

  1. Flåtten I, Helgesen E, Pedersen IB, Waldminghaus T, Rothe C, Taipale R, Johnsen L, Skarstad K (2017)
    Phenotypes of <i>dnaX<sub>E145A</sub></i> Mutant Cells Indicate that the Escherichia coli Clamp Loader Has a Role in the Restart of Stalled Replication Forks
    J Bacteriol, 199 (24)
    PubMed 28947673
  2. Pedersen IB, Helgesen E, Flåtten I, Fossum-Raunehaug S, Skarstad K (2017)
    SeqA structures behind Escherichia coli replication forks affect replication elongation and restart mechanisms
    Nucleic Acids Res, 45 (11), 6471-6485
    PubMed 28407100

Publications 2016

  1. Helgesen E, Fossum-Raunehaug S, Skarstad K (2016)
    Lack of the H-NS Protein Results in Extended and Aberrantly Positioned DNA during Chromosome Replication and Segregation in Escherichia coli
    J Bacteriol, 198 (8), 1305-16
    PubMed 26858102

Publications 2015

  1. Flåtten I, Fossum-Raunehaug S, Taipale R, Martinsen S, Skarstad K (2015)
    The DnaA Protein Is Not the Limiting Factor for Initiation of Replication in Escherichia coli
    PLoS Genet, 11 (6), e1005276
    PubMed 26047361
  2. Helgesen E, Fossum-Raunehaug S, Sætre F, Schink KO, Skarstad K (2015)
    Dynamic Escherichia coli SeqA complexes organize the newly replicated DNA at a considerable distance from the replisome
    Nucleic Acids Res, 43 (5), 2730-43
    PubMed 25722374

Publications 2014

  1. Fossum-Raunehaug S, Helgesen E, Stokke C, Skarstad K (2014)
    Escherichia coli SeqA structures relocalize abruptly upon termination of origin sequestration during multifork DNA replication
    PLoS One, 9 (10), e110575
    PubMed 25333813
  2. Morigen M, Flåtten I, Skarstad K (2014)
    The Escherichia coli datA site promotes proper regulation of cell division
    Microbiology, 160 (Pt 4), 703-10
    PubMed 24574433
  3. Odsbu I, Skarstad K (2014)
    DNA compaction in the early part of the SOS response is dependent on RecN and RecA
    Microbiology, 160 (Pt 5), 872-82
    PubMed 24615185

Publications 2013

  1. Flåtten I, Skarstad K (2013)
    The Fis protein has a stimulating role in initiation of replication in Escherichia coli in vivo
    PLoS One, 8 (12), e83562
    PubMed 24358293
  2. Skarstad K, Katayama T (2013)
    Regulating DNA replication in bacteria
    Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol, 5 (4), a012922
    PubMed 23471435
  3. Weel-Sneve R, Kristiansen KI, Odsbu I, Dalhus B, Booth J, Rognes T, Skarstad K, Bjørås M (2013)
    Single transmembrane peptide DinQ modulates membrane-dependent activities
    PLoS Genet, 9 (2), e1003260
    PubMed 23408903

Publications 2012

  1. Fingland N, Flåtten I, Downey CD, Fossum-Raunehaug S, Skarstad K, Crooke E (2012)
    Depletion of acidic phospholipids influences chromosomal replication in Escherichia coli
    Microbiologyopen, 1 (4), 450-66
    PubMed 23233230
  2. Stokke C, Flåtten I, Skarstad K (2012)
    An easy-to-use simulation program demonstrates variations in bacterial cell cycle parameters depending on medium and temperature
    PLoS One, 7 (2), e30981
    PubMed 22348034
  3. Waldminghaus T, Weigel C, Skarstad K (2012)
    Replication fork movement and methylation govern SeqA binding to the Escherichia coli chromosome
    Nucleic Acids Res, 40 (12), 5465-76
    PubMed 22373925

Publications 2011

  1. Johnsen E, Wilson SR, Odsbu I, Krapp A, Malerod H, Skarstad K, Lundanes E (2011)
    Hydrophilic interaction chromatography of nucleoside triphosphates with temperature as a separation parameter
    J Chromatogr A, 1218 (35), 5981-6
    PubMed 21315360

Publications 2010

  1. Johnsen L, Flåtten I, Morigen, Dalhus B, Bjørås M, Waldminghaus T, Skarstad K (2010)
    The G157C mutation in the Escherichia coli sliding clamp specifically affects initiation of replication
    Mol Microbiol, 79 (2), 433-46
    PubMed 21219462
  2. Johnsen L, Weigel C, von Kries J, Møller M, Skarstad K (2010)
    A novel DNA gyrase inhibitor rescues Escherichia coli dnaAcos mutant cells from lethal hyperinitiation
    J Antimicrob Chemother, 65 (5), 924-30
    PubMed 20228083
  3. Stokke C, Waldminghaus T, Skarstad K (2010)
    Replication patterns and organization of replication forks in Vibrio cholerae
    Microbiology, 157 (Pt 3), 695-708
    PubMed 21163839
  4. Waldminghaus T, Skarstad K (2010)
    ChIP on Chip: surprising results are often artifacts
    BMC Genomics, 11, 414
    PubMed 20602746

Publications 2009

  1. Boeneman K, Fossum S, Yang Y, Fingland N, Skarstad K, Crooke E (2009)
    Escherichia coli DnaA forms helical structures along the longitudinal cell axis distinct from MreB filaments
    Mol Microbiol, 72 (3), 645-57
    PubMed 19400775
  2. Morigen, Odsbu I, Skarstad K (2009)
    Growth rate dependent numbers of SeqA structures organize the multiple replication forks in rapidly growing Escherichia coli
    Genes Cells, 14 (5), 643-57
    PubMed 19371375
  3. Odsbu I, Morigen, Skarstad K (2009)
    A reduction in ribonucleotide reductase activity slows down the chromosome replication fork but does not change its localization
    PLoS One, 4 (10), e7617
    PubMed 19898675
  4. Waldminghaus T, Skarstad K (2009)
    The Escherichia coli SeqA protein
    Plasmid, 61 (3), 141-50
    PubMed 19254745

Publications 2008

  1. Bach T, Morigen, Skarstad K (2008)
    The initiator protein DnaA contributes to keeping new origins inactivated by promoting the presence of hemimethylated DNA
    J Mol Biol, 384 (5), 1076-85
    PubMed 18835566
  2. Flåtten I, Morigen, Skarstad K (2008)
    DnaA protein interacts with RNA polymerase and partially protects it from the effect of rifampicin
    Mol Microbiol, 71 (4), 1018-30
    PubMed 19170875
  3. Fossum S, De Pascale G, Weigel C, Messer W, Donadio S, Skarstad K (2008)
    A robust screen for novel antibiotics: specific knockout of the initiator of bacterial DNA replication
    FEMS Microbiol Lett, 281 (2), 210-4
    PubMed 18312360

Publications 2007

  1. Fossum S, Crooke E, Skarstad K (2007)
    Organization of sister origins and replisomes during multifork DNA replication in Escherichia coli
    EMBO J, 26 (21), 4514-22
    PubMed 17914458
  2. Norris V, den Blaauwen T, Cabin-Flaman A, Doi RH, Harshey R, Janniere L, Jimenez-Sanchez A, Jin DJ, Levin PA, Mileykovskaya E, Minsky A, Saier M, Skarstad K (2007)
    Functional taxonomy of bacterial hyperstructures
    Microbiol Mol Biol Rev, 71 (1), 230-53
    PubMed 17347523
  3. Norris V, den Blaauwen T, Doi RH, Harshey RM, Janniere L, Jiménez-Sánchez A, Jin DJ, Levin PA, Mileykovskaya E, Minsky A, Misevic G, Ripoll C, Saier M, Skarstad K, Thellier M (2007)
    Toward a hyperstructure taxonomy
    Annu Rev Microbiol, 61, 309-29
    PubMed 17896876

Publications 2006

  1. Gon S, Camara JE, Klungsøyr HK, Crooke E, Skarstad K, Beckwith J (2006)
    A novel regulatory mechanism couples deoxyribonucleotide synthesis and DNA replication in Escherichia coli
    EMBO J, 25 (5), 1137-47
    PubMed 16482221

Publications 2005

  1. Bach T, Skarstad K (2005)
    An oriC-like distribution of GATC sites mediates full sequestration of non-origin sequences in Escherichia coli
    J Mol Biol, 350 (1), 7-11
    PubMed 15922360
  2. Morigen, Molina F, Skarstad K (2005)
    Deletion of the datA site does not affect once-per-cell-cycle timing but induces rifampin-resistant replication
    J Bacteriol, 187 (12), 3913-20
    PubMed 15939703
  3. Odsbu I, Klungsøyr HK, Fossum S, Skarstad K (2005)
    Specific N-terminal interactions of the Escherichia coli SeqA protein are required to form multimers that restrain negative supercoils and form foci
    Genes Cells, 10 (11), 1039-49
    PubMed 16236133

Publications 2004

  1. Bach T, Skarstad K (2004)
    Re-replication from non-sequesterable origins generates three-nucleoid cells which divide asymmetrically
    Mol Microbiol, 51 (6), 1589-600
    PubMed 15009887
  2. Klungsøyr HK, Skarstad K (2004)
    Positive supercoiling is generated in the presence of Escherichia coli SeqA protein
    Mol Microbiol, 54 (1), 123-31
    PubMed 15458410
  3. Molina F, Skarstad K (2004)
    Replication fork and SeqA focus distributions in Escherichia coli suggest a replication hyperstructure dependent on nucleotide metabolism
    Mol Microbiol, 52 (6), 1597-612
    PubMed 15186411

Publications 2003

  1. Bach T, Krekling MA, Skarstad K (2003)
    Excess SeqA prolongs sequestration of oriC and delays nucleoid segregation and cell division
    EMBO J, 22 (2), 315-23
    PubMed 12514137
  2. Camara JE, Skarstad K, Crooke E (2003)
    Controlled initiation of chromosomal replication in Escherichia coli requires functional Hda protein
    J Bacteriol, 185 (10), 3244-8
    PubMed 12730188
  3. Fossum S, Søreide S, Skarstad K (2003)
    Lack of SeqA focus formation, specific DNA binding and proper protein multimerization in the Escherichia coli sequestration mutant seqA2
    Mol Microbiol, 47 (3), 619-32
    PubMed 12535065
  4. Kang S, Han JS, Park JH, Skarstad K, Hwang DS (2003)
    SeqA protein stimulates the relaxing and decatenating activities of topoisomerase IV
    J Biol Chem, 278 (49), 48779-85
    PubMed 14512422
  5. Miller C, Ingmer H, Thomsen LE, Skarstad K, Cohen SN (2003)
    DpiA binding to the replication origin of Escherichia coli plasmids and chromosomes destabilizes plasmid inheritance and induces the bacterial SOS response
    J Bacteriol, 185 (20), 6025-31
    PubMed 14526013
  6. Morigen, Løbner-Olesen A, Skarstad K (2003)
    Titration of the Escherichia coli DnaA protein to excess datA sites causes destabilization of replication forks, delayed replication initiation and delayed cell division
    Mol Microbiol, 50 (1), 349-62
    PubMed 14507385
  7. Skarstad K, Boye E, Fanning E (2003)
    Circles in the sand
    EMBO Rep, 4 (7), 661-5
    PubMed 12835752
  8. Skarstad K, Løbner-Olesen A (2003)
    Stable co-existence of separate replicons in Escherichia coli is dependent on once-per-cell-cycle initiation
    EMBO J, 22 (1), 140-50
    PubMed 12505992
  9. Slominska M, Wahl A, Wegrzyn G, Skarstad K (2003)
    Degradation of mutant initiator protein DnaA204 by proteases ClpP, ClpQ and Lon is prevented when DNA is SeqA-free
    Biochem J, 370 (Pt 3), 867-71
    PubMed 12479794

Publications 2001

  1. Morigen, Boye E, Skarstad K, Løbner-Olesen A (2001)
    Regulation of chromosomal replication by DnaA protein availability in Escherichia coli: effects of the datA region
    Biochim Biophys Acta, 1521 (1-3), 73-80
    PubMed 11690638
  2. Skarstad K, Torheim N, Wold S, Lurz R, Messer W, Fossum S, Bach T (2001)
    The Escherichia coli SeqA protein binds specifically to two sites in fully and hemimethylated oriC and has the capacity to inhibit DNA replication and affect chromosome topology
    Biochimie, 83 (1), 49-51
    PubMed 11254974
  3. Slominska M, Wegrzyn A, Konopa G, Skarstad K, Wegrzyn G (2001)
    SeqA, the Escherichia coli origin sequestration protein, is also a specific transcription factor
    Mol. Microbiol., 40 (6), 1371-1379
  4. Slomińska M, Wegrzyn A, Konopa G, Skarstad K, Wegrzyn G (2001)
    SeqA, the Escherichia coli origin sequestration protein, is also a specific transcription factor
    Mol Microbiol, 40 (6), 1371-9
    PubMed 11442835
  5. Zheng W, Li Z, Skarstad K, Crooke E (2001)
    Mutations in DnaA protein suppress the growth arrest of acidic phospholipid-deficient Escherichia coli cells
    EMBO J, 20 (5), 1164-72
    PubMed 11230139

Publications 2000

  1. Bernander R, Skarstad K (2000)
    Mapping of a chromosome replication origin in an archaeon
    Trends Microbiol, 8 (12), 535-7
    PubMed 11115744
  2. Boye E, Løbner-Olesen A, Skarstad K (2000)
    Limiting DNA replication to once and only once
    EMBO Rep, 1 (6), 479-83
    PubMed 11263490
  3. Skarstad K, Lueder G, Lurz R, Speck C, Messer W (2000)
    The Escherichia coli SeqA protein binds specifically and co-operatively to two sites in hemimethylated and fully methylated oriC
    Mol Microbiol, 36 (6), 1319-26
    PubMed 10931282
  4. Torheim NK, Boye E, Løbner-Olesen A, Stokke T, Skarstad K (2000)
    The Escherichia coli SeqA protein destabilizes mutant DnaA204 protein
    Mol Microbiol, 37 (3), 629-38
    PubMed 10931356

Publications 1999

  1. Torheim NK, Skarstad K (1999)
    Escherichia coli SeqA protein affects DNA topology and inhibits open complex formation at oriC
    EMBO J, 18 (17), 4882-8
    PubMed 10469666

Publications 1998

  1. Wold S, Boye E, Slater S, Kleckner N, Skarstad K (1998)
    Effects of purified SeqA protein on oriC-dependent DNA replication in vitro
    EMBO J, 17 (14), 4158-65
    PubMed 9670030

Publications 1997

  1. Stokke T, Smedshammer L, Jonassen TS, Blomhoff HK, Skarstad K, Steen HB (1997)
    Uncoupling of the order of the S and M phases: effects of staurosporine on human cell cycle kinases
    Cell Prolif, 30 (5), 197-218
    PubMed 9420612

Publications 1996

  1. Boye E, Stokke T, Kleckner N, Skarstad K (1996)
    Coordinating DNA replication initiation with cell growth: differential roles for DnaA and SeqA proteins
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 93 (22), 12206-11
    PubMed 8901558
  2. Jair KW, Yu X, Skarstad K, Thöny B, Fujita N, Ishihama A, Wolf RE (1996)
    Transcriptional activation of promoters of the superoxide and multiple antibiotic resistance regulons by Rob, a binding protein of the Escherichia coli origin of chromosomal replication
    J Bacteriol, 178 (9), 2507-13
    PubMed 8626315
  3. Wold S, Crooke E, Skarstad K (1996)
    The Escherichia coli Fis protein prevents initiation of DNA replication from oriC in vitro
    Nucleic Acids Res, 24 (18), 3527-32
    PubMed 8836178

Publications 1995

  1. Skarstad K, Bernander R, Boye E (1995)
    Analysis of DNA replication in vivo by flow cytometry
    Methods Enzymol, 262, 604-13
    PubMed 8594381
  2. Skarstad K, Wold S (1995)
    The speed of the Escherichia coli fork in vivo depends on the DnaB:DnaC ratio
    Mol Microbiol, 17 (5), 825-31
    PubMed 8596432
  3. Slater S, Wold S, Lu M, Boye E, Skarstad K, Kleckner N (1995)
    E. coli SeqA protein binds oriC in two different methyl-modulated reactions appropriate to its roles in DNA replication initiation and origin sequestration
    Cell, 82 (6), 927-36
    PubMed 7553853

Publications 1994

  1. Skarstad K, Boye E (1994)
    The initiator protein DnaA: evolution, properties and function
    Biochim Biophys Acta, 1217 (2), 111-30
    PubMed 8110826
  2. Steen HB, Jernaes MW, Skarstad K, Boye E (1994)
    Staining and measurement of DNA in bacteria
    Methods Cell Biol, 42 Pt B, 477-87
    PubMed 7533253
  3. Wold S, Skarstad K, Steen HB, Stokke T, Boye E (1994)
    The initiation mass for DNA replication in Escherichia coli K-12 is dependent on growth rate
    EMBO J, 13 (9), 2097-102
    PubMed 8187762

Publications 1993

  1. Skarstad K, Boye E (1993)
    Degradation of individual chromosomes in recA mutants of Escherichia coli
    J Bacteriol, 175 (17), 5505-9
    PubMed 8366035
  2. Skarstad K, Thöny B, Hwang DS, Kornberg A (1993)
    A novel binding protein of the origin of the Escherichia coli chromosome
    J Biol Chem, 268 (8), 5365-70
    PubMed 8449900

Publications 1991

  1. Crooke E, Hwang DS, Skarstad K, Thöny B, Kornberg A (1991)
    E. coli minichromosome replication: regulation of initiation at oriC
    Res Microbiol, 142 (2-3), 127-30
    PubMed 1925009

Publications 1990

  1. Skarstad K, Baker TA, Kornberg A (1990)
    Strand separation required for initiation of replication at the chromosomal origin of E.coli is facilitated by a distant RNA--DNA hybrid
    EMBO J, 9 (7), 2341-8
    PubMed 1694129
  2. Steen HB, Skarstad K, Boye E (1990)
    DNA measurements of bacteria
    Methods Cell Biol, 33, 519-26
    PubMed 2084483

Publications 1989

  1. Løbner-Olesen A, Skarstad K, Hansen FG, von Meyenburg K, Boye E (1989)
    The DnaA protein determines the initiation mass of Escherichia coli K-12
    Cell, 57 (5), 881-9
    PubMed 2541928
  2. Skarstad K, Løbner-Olesen A, Atlung T, von Meyenburg K, Boye E (1989)
    Initiation of DNA replication in Escherichia coli after overproduction of the DnaA protein
    Mol Gen Genet, 218 (1), 50-6
    PubMed 2550764

Publications 1988

  1. Boye E, Løbner-Olesen A, Skarstad K (1988)
    Timing of chromosomal replication in Escherichia coli
    Biochim Biophys Acta, 951 (2-3), 359-64
    PubMed 2850013
  2. Skarstad K, Boye E (1988)
    Perturbed chromosomal replication in recA mutants of Escherichia coli
    J Bacteriol, 170 (6), 2549-54
    PubMed 3286612
  3. Skarstad K, von Meyenburg K, Hansen FG, Boye E (1988)
    Coordination of chromosome replication initiation in Escherichia coli: effects of different dnaA alleles
    J Bacteriol, 170 (2), 852-8
    PubMed 2828328

Publications 1987

  1. von Meyenburg K, Boye E, Skarstad K, Koppes L, Kogoma T (1987)
    Mode of initiation of constitutive stable DNA replication in RNase H-defective mutants of Escherichia coli K-12
    J Bacteriol, 169 (6), 2650-8
    PubMed 3034862

Publications 1986

  1. Skarstad K, Boye E, Steen HB (1986)
    Timing of initiation of chromosome replication in individual Escherichia coli cells
    EMBO J, 5 (7), 1711-7
    PubMed 3527695
  2. Steen HB, Skarstad K, Boye E (1986)
    Flow cytometry of bacteria: cell cycle kinetics and effects of antibiotics
    Ann N Y Acad Sci, 468, 329-38
    PubMed 2942091

Publications 1985

  1. Kogoma T, Skarstad K, Boye E, von Meyenburg K, Steen HB (1985)
    RecA protein acts at the initiation of stable DNA replication in rnh mutants of Escherichia coli K-12
    J Bacteriol, 163 (2), 439-44
    PubMed 2991187
  2. Skarstad K, Steen HB, Boye E (1985)
    Escherichia coli DNA distributions measured by flow cytometry and compared with theoretical computer simulations
    J Bacteriol, 163 (2), 661-8
    PubMed 3894332

Publications 1984

  1. Boye E, Köhnlein W, Skarstad K (1984)
    Characterization of intracellular DNA strand breaks induced by neocarzinostatin in Escherichia coli cells
    Nucleic Acids Res, 12 (21), 8281-91
    PubMed 6239141

Publications 1983

  1. Boye E, Steen HB, Skarstad K (1983)
    Flow cytometry of bacteria: a promising tool in experimental and clinical microbiology
    J Gen Microbiol, 129 (4), 973-80
    PubMed 6350534
  2. Skarstad K, Steen HB, Boye E (1983)
    Cell cycle parameters of slowly growing Escherichia coli B/r studied by flow cytometry
    J Bacteriol, 154 (2), 656-62
    PubMed 6341358

Publications 1982

  1. Steen HB, Boye E, Skarstad K, Bloom B, Godal T, Mustafa S (1982)
    Applications of flow cytometry on bacteria: cell cycle kinetics, drug effects, and quantitation of antibody binding
    Cytometry, 2 (4), 249-57
    PubMed 7035105

Publications 1981

  1. Boye E, Alver S, Skarstad K (1981)
    Deoxyribonucleic acid replication in permeable and fully viable Escherichia coli cells
    J Bacteriol, 145 (3), 1413-6
    PubMed 7009586
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