Jan Mellembakken
Position: consultant, Md PhD

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Publications 2011

Kjøtrød SB, Carlsen SM, Rasmussen PE, Holst-Larsen T, Mellembakken J, Thurin-Kjellberg A, Haapaniemikouru K, Morin-Papunen L, Humaidan P, Sunde A, von Düring V (2011)
Use of metformin before and during assisted reproductive technology in non-obese young infertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a prospective, randomized, double-blind, multi-centre study
Hum Reprod, 26 (8), 2045-53
PubMed 21606131

Publications 1997

Haugen G, Mellembakken J, Stray-Pedersen S (1997)
Characterization of the vasodilatatory response to serotonin in human umbilical arteries perfused in vitro. The influence of the endothelium
Early Hum Dev, 47 (2), 185-93
PubMed 9039968