Trond Stokke

  • Retired senior scientist

1979: B.S. (Mathematics, Physics), University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.
1982: M.S. (Biophysics, "Fluorescence lifetimes of some dyes commonly employed in cell biology"), University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.
1988: Ph.D. (Biophysics, “DNA specific dyes as probes of chromatin structure.”), University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.
1998: Evaluated, and found to be professor-competent.

Research interests/projects:
I studied chromatin structure during the PhD period. Later, I have studied cell cycle regulation and apoptosis. Most of the attention has been paid to the study of normal and malignant B-lymphocytes, and, more recently, the effects of ionizing radiation on such cells.

Previous employments:
Research scholar (83-89), post-doc (89-92), and scientist (94-03) at Institute for Cancer Research, DNR, Oslo, Norway. Post-doc at Division of Molecular Cytometry, UCSF, San Francisco, US (1993).


  • Member of the board for the Institute for Cancer Research at The Norwegian Radium Hospital (Instituttrådet ved Institutt for Kreftforskning, DNR).
  • Member of the board for "Center for Education and Research within RadiationBiology" (SUFS, Senter for Utdanning og Forskning innen Strålebiologi) and the board for the microarray facilities.
  • Member of the scientific evaluation committee in The Norwegian Cancer Society (Den Norske Kreftforening).

International Society for Analytical Cytology.

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