Thomas Moe Berg
Position: MD, PhD

Publications 2013

Berg T, Jonsson L (2013)
Peripheral neuropathies: corticosteroids and antivirals in Bell palsy
Nat Rev Neurol, 9 (3), 128-9
PubMed 23381480

Publications 2012

Axelsson S, Berg T, Jonsson L, Engström M, Kanerva M, Stjernquist-Desatnik A (2012)
Bell's palsy - the effect of prednisolone and/or valaciclovir versus placebo in relation to baseline severity in a randomised controlled trial
Clin Otolaryngol, 37 (4), 283-90
PubMed 22776019

Berg T, Bylund N, Marsk E, Jonsson L, Kanerva M, Hultcrantz M, Engström M (2012)
The effect of prednisolone on sequelae in Bell's palsy
Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg, 138 (5), 445-9
PubMed 22652942

Marsk E, Bylund N, Jonsson L, Hammarstedt L, Engström M, Hadziosmanovic N, Berg T, Hultcrantz M (2012)
Prediction of nonrecovery in Bell's palsy using Sunnybrook grading
Laryngoscope, 122 (4), 901-6
PubMed 22374870