Pancreatic Cancer Research Group

Knut J. LaboriGroup leader
Knut J. Labori
Group leader

The research group is an interdisciplinary forum that perform clinical trials and translational research on pancreatic cancer and pancreatic cysts. The research group studies the importance of environmental and genetic factors in cancer development, prognostic and predictive factors, early diagnosis, and the efficacy of surgical- oncological- and symptomatic treatment. Patients with pancreatic tumors treated at Oslo University Hospital is requested consent for storage of biological material and clinical data for use in research. The research group has established a clinical data registry and a biobank with an associated database. This ensures a systematic, prospective registration of patients with pancreatic cancer who are being treated at the hospital. Clinical registry contains relevant clinical and histopathological data from routine diagnostics. Biobank database contains the results of clinical and molecular research.

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