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Publications 2014

Aspelin T, Eriksen M, Ilebekk A, Cataliotti A, Carlson CR, Lyberg T (2014)
β-blockade abolishes the augmented cardiac tPA release induced by transactivation of heterodimerised bradykinin receptor-2 and β2-adrenergic receptor in vivo
Thromb Haemost, 112 (5), 951-9
PubMed 25078038

Publications 2012

Aspelin T, Eriksen M, Ilebekk A, Björkman JA, Lyberg T (2012)
Different cardiac tissue plasminogen activator release patterns by local stimulation of the endothelium and sympathetic nerves in pigs
Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis, 23 (8), 714-22
PubMed 22964765

Husebye EE, Lyberg T, Opdahl H, Aspelin T, Støen RO, Madsen JE, Røise O (2012)
Intramedullary nailing of femoral shaft fractures in polytraumatized patients. a longitudinal, prospective and observational study of the procedure-related impact on cardiopulmonary- and inflammatory responses
Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med, 20, 2
PubMed 22221511

Publications 2010

Husebye EE, Opdahl H, Røise O, Aspelin T, Lyberg T (2010)
Coagulation, fibrinolysis and cytokine responses to intramedullary nailing of the femur: an experimental study in pigs comparing traditional reaming and reaming with a one-step reamer-irrigator-aspirator system
Injury, 42 (7), 630-7
PubMed 20650454

Publications 2008

Beitland S, Opdahl H, Aspelin T, Saetre L, Lyberg T (2008)
Blood leucocyte cytokine production after LPS stimulation at different concentrations of glucose and/or insulin
Acta Anaesthesiol Scand, 53 (2), 183-9
PubMed 19094176

Publications 2006

Ilebekk A, Eriksen M, Sevre K, Aspelin T, Björkman JA, Lyberg T, Nordlander M (2006)
Ventricular fibrillation induced by ischemia-reperfusion is not prevented by the NPY Y2 receptor antagonist BIIE0246
J Cardiovasc Pharmacol Ther, 11 (3), 177-83
PubMed 17056830

Retterstol L, Lyberg T, Aspelin T, Berg K (2006)
A twin study of nitric oxide levels measured by serum nitrite/nitrate
Twin Res Hum Genet, 9 (2), 210-4
PubMed 16611490

Publications 2005

Aspelin T, Eriksen M, Lindgaard AK, Lyberg T, Ilebekk A (2005)
Cardiac fibrinolytic capacity is markedly increased after brief periods of local myocardial ischemia, but declines following successive periods in anesthetized pigs
J Thromb Haemost, 3 (9), 1947-54
PubMed 16102101

Ilebekk A, Aspelin T, Eriksen M, Larsen A, Lyberg T (2005)
Reduced release of vasoconstrictors from the porcine heart after repeated periods of ischemia
Scand Cardiovasc J, 39 (1-2), 60-6
PubMed 16097416

Publications 2003

Arnesen H, Dahl OE, Aspelin T, Seljeflot I, Kierulf P, Lyberg T (2003)
Sustained prothrombotic profile after hip replacement surgery: the influence of prolonged prophylaxis with dalteparin
J Thromb Haemost, 1 (5), 971-5
PubMed 12871363

Publications 2001

Nakstad B, Wolfson MR, Aspelin T, Lindemann R, Shaffer TH, Fugelseth D, Lyberg T (2001)
Perfluorochemical liquids do not stimulate endothelin-1 or nitric oxide production in human blood leukocytes
Biol Neonate, 80 (4), 267-72
PubMed 11641549

Saetre T, Höiby EA, Aspelin T, Lermark G, Egeland T, Svindland A, Lyberg T (2001)
Aminoethyl-isothiourea inhibits the increase in plasma endothelin-1 caused by serogroup A streptococci and prolongs survival in rat peritoneal sepsis
Shock, 15 (6), 446-52
PubMed 11386616

Publications 2000

Kutzsche S, Schlichting E, Aspelin T, Lyberg T (2000)
Hemodynamic changes and systemic activation of coagulation and fibrinolysis during controlled endotoxemia in pigs
Thromb Res, 98 (6), 517-29
PubMed 10899351

Opdahl H, Haugen T, Hagberg IA, Aspelin T, Lyberg T (2000)
Effects of short-term nitrogen monoxide inhalation on leukocyte adhesion molecules, generation of reactive oxygen species, and cytokine release in human blood
Nitric Oxide, 4 (2), 112-22
PubMed 10835291

Saetre T, Hoiby EA, Aspelin T, Lermark G, Lyberg T (2000)
Acute serogroup A streptococcal shock: A porcine model
J Infect Dis, 182 (1), 133-41
PubMed 10882590

Saetre T, Höiby EA, Aspelin T, Lermark G, Egeland T, Lyberg T (2000)
Aminoethyl-isothiourea, a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor and oxygen radical scavenger, improves survival and counteracts hemodynamic deterioration in a porcine model of streptococcal shock
Crit Care Med, 28 (8), 2697-706
PubMed 10966238

Publications 1999

Dahl OE, Walsoe HK, Aspelin T, Roise O, Arnesen H, Lyberg T (1999)
Combined administration of dextran 70 and dalteparin does not increase perioperative blood loss compared to dextran 70 alone in major orthopedic surgery
Haemostasis, 29 (5), 262-8
PubMed 10754378

Seljeflot I, Arnesen H, Andersen P, Aspelin T, Kierulf P (1999)
Effects of doxazosin and atenolol on circulating endothelin-1 and von Willebrand factor in hypertensive middle-aged men
J Cardiovasc Pharmacol, 34 (4), 584-8
PubMed 10511135

Publications 1998

Seljeflot I, Moan A, Aspelin T, Tønnessen T, Kjeldsen SE, Arnesen H (1998)
Circulating levels of endothelin-1 during acute hyperinsulinemia in patients with essential hypertension treated with type 1 angiotensin receptor antagonist or placebo
Metabolism, 47 (3), 292-6
PubMed 9500565

Publications 1997

Dahl OE, Andreassen G, Aspelin T, Müller C, Mathiesen P, Nyhus S, Abdelnoor M, Solhaug JH, Arnesen H (1997)
Prolonged thromboprophylaxis following hip replacement surgery--results of a double-blind, prospective, randomised, placebo-controlled study with dalteparin (Fragmin)
Thromb Haemost, 77 (1), 26-31
PubMed 9031444

Publications 1996

Eggesbø JB, Lyberg T, Aspelin T, Hjermann I, Kierulf P (1996)
Different binding of 125I-LPS to plasma proteins from persons with high or low HDL
Scand J Clin Lab Invest, 56 (6), 533-43
PubMed 8903115

Schlichting E, Aspelin T, Lyberg T (1996)
Interactions of endotoxin with human blood cells and serum proteins
Scand J Clin Lab Invest, 56 (2), 167-76
PubMed 8743110

Publications 1995

Dahl OE, Aspelin T, Arnesen H, Seljeflot I, Kierulf P, Ruyter R, Lyberg T (1995)
Increased activation of coagulation and formation of late deep venous thrombosis following discontinuation of thromboprophylaxis after hip replacement surgery
Thromb Res, 80 (4), 299-306
PubMed 8585042

Dahl OE, Aspelin T, Lyberg T (1995)
The role of bone traumatization in the initiation of proximal deep vein thrombosis during cemented hip replacement surgery in pigs
Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis, 6 (8), 709-17
PubMed 8825220

Schlichting E, Aspelin T, Grotmol T, Lyberg T (1995)
Endothelin and hemodynamic responses to superior mesenteric artery occlusion shock and hemorrhagic shock in pigs
Shock, 3 (2), 109-15
PubMed 7749937

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