Ongoing projects

  • “Does the trochanteric stabilizing plate increase stability in trochanteric hip fractures?” Carl Erik Alm
  • “Reversed arthroplasty in the treatment of proximal humerus fractures. Randomized controlled trial and evaluation of glenoid component migration by RSA”
    Alexander Fraser
  • “Surgical treatment of the distal radius fracture” Ola-Lars Hammer
  • “Conservative versus operative treatment of distal radius fractures” Sondre Hassellund
  • “Complex fractures around the elbow” Kristin Jørgensen
  • “Primary and secondary total hip arthroplasty following acetabular fractures” Ragnhild Kirkebø
  • “Fracture- dislocations of the elbow” Kaare Midtgaard
  • “Operative treatment of proximal humerus fractures with RTSA - long term results” Henrik Nagelhus
  • “Treatment of Charcot neuropathy of the foot” Fredrik Nilsen
  • “Advances in diagnosis and treatment of unstable, acute Lisfranc injury” Magnus Poulsen
  • “Proximal hamstring avulsions – prognosis and treatment” Anne Mari Rosenlund
  • “Non-operative versus operative treatment of suprasyndesmotic ankle fractures” Ola Saatvedt
  • “Incidence, classification, and follow-up of acromioclavicular joint injuries” Stein Arve Skjaker
  • “Biomechanics of the unstable ankle fracture” Ingrid Kvello Stake
  • “Road traffic injuries at a large referral hospital in Malawi: elucidating strategies for prevention” Mads Sundet
  • “Function and complications in hip fractures” Stian Svenøy
  • “The effect of salmon bone meal on bone healing in rats” Ole Tomelthy
  • “Surgical treatment and complications in fractures of the distal radius” John Williksen
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