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Publications 2017

Huhnstock S, Svenningsen S, Merckoll E, Catterall A, Terjesen T, Wiig O (2017)
Radiographic classifications in Perthes disease
Acta Orthop, 88 (5), 522-529
PubMed 28613966

Terjesen T (2017)
To what extent can soft-tissue releases improve hip displacement in cerebral palsy?
Acta Orthop, 1-6 (in press)
PubMed 28812397

Terjesen T, Wensaas A (2017)
Prognostic factors for long-term outcome of chronic slipped capital femoral epiphysis treated with fixation in situ
J Child Orthop, 11 (2), 114-119
PubMed 28529659

Wensaas A, Wiig O, Hellund JC, Khoshnewiszadeh B, Terjesen T (2017)
Magnetic resonance imaging at primary diagnosis cannot predict subsequent contralateral slip in slipped capital femoral epiphysis
Skeletal Radiol (in press)
PubMed 28785827

Publications 2016

Holm AG, Reikerås O, Terjesen T (2016)
Long-term results of a modified Spitzy shelf operation for residual hip dysplasia and subluxation. A fifty year follow-up study of fifty six children and young adults
Int Orthop, 41 (2), 415-421
PubMed 27638709

Ramstad K, Jahnsen RB, Terjesen T (2016)
Severe hip displacement reduces health-related quality of life in children with cerebral palsy
Acta Orthop, 88 (2), 205-210
PubMed 27892753

Ramstad K, Terjesen T (2016)
Hip pain is more frequent in severe hip displacement: a population-based study of 77 children with cerebral palsy
J Pediatr Orthop B, 25 (3), 217-21
PubMed 26895291

Terjesen T, Horn J (2016)
Have Changes in Treatment of Late-detected Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip During the Last Decades Led to Better Radiographic Outcome?
Clin Orthop Relat Res, 474 (5), 1189-98
PubMed 26290341

Wiig O, Huhnstock S, Terjesen T, Pripp AH, Svenningsen S (2016)
The outcome and prognostic factors in children with bilateral Perthes' disease: a prospective study of 40 children with follow-up over five years
Bone Joint J, 98-B (4), 569-75
PubMed 27037442

Publications 2015

Terjesen T, Lofterød B, Skaaret I (2015)
Gait improvement surgery in ambulatory children with diplegic cerebral palsy
Acta Orthop, 86 (4), 511-7
PubMed 25637100

Publications 2014

Huhnstock S, Svenningsen S, Pripp AH, Terjesen T, Wiig O (2014)
The acetabulum in Perthes' disease: a prospective study of 123 children
J Child Orthop, 8 (6), 457-65
PubMed 25409924

Huhnstock S, Svenningsen S, Pripp AH, Terjesen T, Wiig O (2014)
The acetabulum in Perthes' disease: inter-observer agreement and reliability of radiographic measurements
Acta Orthop, 85 (5), 506-12
PubMed 24954486

Terjesen T (2014)
Dysplasia of the contralateral hip in patients with unilateral late-detected congenital dislocation of the hip: 50 years' follow-up of 48 patients
Bone Joint J, 96-B (9), 1161-6
PubMed 25183584

Terjesen T, Horn J, Gunderson RB (2014)
Fifty-year follow-up of late-detected hip dislocation: clinical and radiographic outcomes for seventy-one patients treated with traction to obtain gradual closed reduction
J Bone Joint Surg Am, 96 (4), e28
PubMed 24553897

Wensaas A, Gunderson RB, Svenningsen S, Terjesen T (2014)
Good long-term outcome of the untreated contralateral hip in unilateral slipped capital femoral epiphysis : Forty hips with a mean follow-up of 41 years
J Child Orthop, 8 (5), 367-73
PubMed 25270941

Publications 2013

Horn J, Steen H, Terjesen T (2013)
Epidemiology and treatment outcome of congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia
J Child Orthop, 7 (2), 157-66
PubMed 24432075

Publications 2012

Terjesen T (2012)
The natural history of hip development in cerebral palsy
Dev Med Child Neurol, 54 (10), 951-7
PubMed 22881288

Terjesen T, Gunderson RB (2012)
Radiographic evaluation of osteoarthritis of the hip: an inter-observer study of 61 hips treated for late-detected developmental hip dislocation
Acta Orthop, 83 (2), 185-9
PubMed 22329668

Terjesen T, Wiig O, Svenningsen S (2012)
Varus femoral osteotomy improves sphericity of the femoral head in older children with severe form of Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease
Clin Orthop Relat Res, 470 (9), 2394-401
PubMed 22101403

Wensaas A, Gunderson RB, Svenningsen S, Terjesen T (2012)
Femoroacetabular impingement after slipped upper femoral epiphysis: the radiological diagnosis and clinical outcome at long-term follow-up
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 94 (11), 1487-93
PubMed 23109627

Publications 2011

Terjesen T (2011)
Residual hip dysplasia as a risk factor for osteoarthritis in 45 years follow-up of late-detected hip dislocation
J Child Orthop, 5 (6), 425-31
PubMed 23205144

Terjesen T, Gunderson RB (2011)
Reliability of radiographic parameters in adults with hip dysplasia
Skeletal Radiol, 41 (7), 811-6
PubMed 22064982

Wiig O, Svenningsen S, Terjesen T (2011)
[Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 131 (9-10), 946-9
PubMed 21606991

Publications 2010

Lofterød B, Terjesen T (2010)
Changes in lower limb rotation after soft tissue surgery in spastic diplegia
Acta Orthop, 81 (2), 245-9
PubMed 20175660

Terjesen T, Wiig O, Svenningsen S (2010)
The natural history of Perthes' disease
Acta Orthop, 81 (6), 708-14
PubMed 21067434

Wensaas A, Svenningsen S, Terjesen T (2010)
Long-term outcome of slipped capital femoral epiphysis: a 38-year follow-up of 66 patients
J Child Orthop, 5 (2), 75-82
PubMed 21594079

Publications 2009

Knaus A, Terjesen T (2009)
Proximal femoral resection arthroplasty for patients with cerebral palsy and dislocated hips: 20 patients followed for 1-6 years
Acta Orthop, 80 (1), 32-6
PubMed 19234884

Lofterød B, Fosdahl MA, Terjesen T (2009)
Can persistent drop foot after calf muscle lengthening be predicted preoperatively?
J Foot Ankle Surg, 48 (6), 631-6
PubMed 19857817

Publications 2008

Lofterød B, Terjesen T (2008)
Local and distant effects of isolated calf muscle lengthening in children with cerebral palsy and equinus gait
J Child Orthop, 2 (1), 55-61
PubMed 19308603

Lofterød B, Terjesen T (2008)
Results of treatment when orthopaedic surgeons follow gait-analysis recommendations in children with CP
Dev Med Child Neurol, 50 (7), 503-9
PubMed 18611199

Lofterød B, Terjesen T (2008)
Answer to HK Graham
J Child Orthop, 2 (4), 323
PubMed 19308562

Wiig O, Terjesen T, Svenningsen S (2008)
Prognostic factors and outcome of treatment in Perthes' disease: a prospective study of 368 patients with five-year follow-up
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 90 (10), 1364-71
PubMed 18827249

Publications 2007

Lofterød B, Terjesen T, Skaaret I, Huse AB, Jahnsen R (2007)
Preoperative gait analysis has a substantial effect on orthopedic decision making in children with cerebral palsy: comparison between clinical evaluation and gait analysis in 60 patients
Acta Orthop, 78 (1), 74-80
PubMed 17453395

Terjesen T, Halvorsen V (2007)
Long-term results after closed reduction of latedetected hip dislocation: 60 patients followed up to skeletal maturity
Acta Orthop, 78 (2), 236-46
PubMed 17464613

Wiig O, Terjesen T, Svenningsen S (2007)
Inter-observer reliability of the Stulberg classification in the assessment of Perthes disease
J Child Orthop, 1 (2), 101-5
PubMed 19308481

Publications 2006

Lofterød B, Jahnsen R, Terjesen T (2006)
[Cerebral palsy in children--motor function and new treatment strategies]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (20), 2648-51
PubMed 17057763

Terjesen T (2006)
Development of the hip joints in unoperated children with cerebral palsy: a radiographic study of 76 patients
Acta Orthop, 77 (1), 125-31
PubMed 16534712

Wiig O, Terjesen T, Svenningsen S, Lie SA (2006)
The epidemiology and aetiology of Perthes' disease in Norway. A nationwide study of 425 patients
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 88 (9), 1217-23
PubMed 16943476

Publications 2005

Lofterød B, Terjesen T, Skaaret I (2005)
[Gait analysis--a new diagnostic tool]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 125 (15), 2014-6
PubMed 16100541

Terjesen T, Lie GD, Hyldmo AA, Knaus A (2005)
Adductor tenotomy in spastic cerebral palsy. A long-term follow-up study of 78 patients
Acta Orthop, 76 (1), 128-37
PubMed 15788321

Publications 2004

Terjesen T, Lofterød B, Myklebust G (2004)
[Orthopaedic problems in adults with cerebral palsy]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 124 (2), 156-9
PubMed 14743225

Wiig O, Svenningsen S, Terjesen T (2004)
Evaluation of the subchondral fracture in predicting the extent of femoral head necrosis in Perthes disease: a prospective study of 92 patients
J Pediatr Orthop B, 13 (5), 293-8
PubMed 15552554

Publications 2003

Kristiansen LP, Steen H, Terjesen T (2003)
Residual challenges after healing of congenital pseudarthrosis in the tibia
Clin Orthop Relat Res (414), 228-37
PubMed 12966297

Publications 2002

Holen KJ, Tegnander A, Bredland T, Johansen OJ, Saether OD, Eik-Nes SH, Terjesen T (2002)
Universal or selective screening of the neonatal hip using ultrasound? A prospective, randomised trial of 15,529 newborn infants
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 84 (6), 886-90
PubMed 12211684

Wiig O, Terjesen T, Svenningsen S (2002)
Inter-observer reliability of radiographic classifications and measurements in the assessment of Perthes' disease
Acta Orthop Scand, 73 (5), 523-30
PubMed 12440495

Publications 2001

Tegnander A, Holen KJ, Anda S, Terjesen T (2001)
Good results after treatment with the Frejka pillow for hip dysplasia in newborns: a 3-year to 6-year follow-up study
J Pediatr Orthop B, 10 (3), 173-9
PubMed 11497357

Publications 2000

Bråten M, Tveit K, Junk S, Aamodt A, Anda S, Terjesen T (2000)
The role of fluoroscopy in avoiding rotational deformity of treated femoral shaft fractures: an anatomical and clinical study
Injury, 31 (5), 311-5
PubMed 10775683

Terjesen T, Lange JE, Steen H (2000)
Treatment of scoliosis with spinal bracing in quadriplegic cerebral palsy
Dev Med Child Neurol, 42 (7), 448-54
PubMed 10972416

Publications 1999

Holen KJ, Tegnander A, Eik-Nes SH, Terjesen T (1999)
The use of ultrasound in determining the initiation of treatment in instability of the hip in neonates
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 81 (5), 846-51
PubMed 10530848

Tegnander A, Holen KJ, Terjesen T (1999)
The natural history of hip abnormalities detected by ultrasound in clinically normal newborns: a 6-8 year radiographic follow-up study of 93 children
Acta Orthop Scand, 70 (4), 335-7
PubMed 10569261

Tegnander A, Terjesen T (1999)
Reliability of ultrasonography in the follow-up of hip dysplasia in children above 2 years of age
Acta Radiol, 40 (6), 619-24
PubMed 10598850

Publications 1998

Nordbø T, Isern AE, Terjesen T, Svenningsen S (1998)
[Leg length inequality and rotational deformity after traction treatment of femoral shaft fractures in children]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 118 (22), 3419-23
PubMed 9800491

Terjesen T (1998)
Ultrasonography for evaluation of hip dysplasia. Methods and policy in neonates, infants, and older children
Acta Orthop Scand, 69 (6), 653-62
PubMed 9930120

Terjesen T, Hellum C (1998)
[Femoral shortening osteotomy for chronic hip dislocation in patients with cerebral palsy]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 118 (18), 2773-6
PubMed 9748806

Publications 1997

Holen KJ, Tegnander A, Terjesen T, Johansen OJ, Eik-Nes SH (1997)
Ultrasonography of clinically unstable hips. A prospective study of 143 neonates at birth and early follow-up
Acta Orthop Scand, 68 (6), 527-32
PubMed 9462350

Steen H, Terjesen T, Bjerkreim I (1997)
[Anisomelia. Clinical consequences and treatment]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 117 (11), 1595-600
PubMed 9198942

Terjesen T (1997)
Hip abnormalities detected by ultrasound - Reply
J. Bone Joint Surg.-Br. Vol., 79B (2), 342

Publications 1996

Braten M, Helland P, Myhre HO, Molster A, Terjesen T (1996)
11 femoral fractures with vascular injury: good outcome with early vascular repair and internal fixation
Acta Orthop Scand, 67 (2), 161-4
PubMed 8623572

Holen KJ, Tegnander A, Terjesen T, Johansen OJ, Eik-Nes SH (1996)
Ultrasonographic evaluation of breech presentation as a risk factor for hip dysplasia
Acta Paediatr, 85 (2), 225-9
PubMed 8640055

Nesse E, Terjesen T, Rønningen H (1996)
[Treatment of clubfoot]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 116 (18), 2165-8
PubMed 8801657

Terjesen T (1996)
Ultrasound as the primary imaging method in the diagnosis of hip dysplasia in children aged < 2 years
J Pediatr Orthop B, 5 (2), 123-8
PubMed 8811543

Terjesen T, Holen KJ, Tegnander A (1996)
Hip abnormalities detected by ultrasound in clinically normal newborn infants
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 78 (4), 636-40
PubMed 8682834

Publications 1995

Bråten M, Terjesen T, Rossvoll I (1995)
Femoral shaft fractures treated by intramedullary nailing. A follow-up study focusing on problems related to the method
Injury, 26 (6), 379-83
PubMed 7558257

Tegnander A, Terjesen T (1995)
Ultrasound measurements in hips of children above 2 years of age. Normal variations in 232 hips
Acta Orthop Scand, 66 (3), 229-33
PubMed 7604703

Terjesen T, Svenningsen S (1995)
[Idiopathic femur anteversion]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 115 (19), 2381-5
PubMed 7667853

Aamodt A, Terjesen T, Eine J, Kvistad KA (1995)
Femoral anteversion measured by ultrasound and CT: a comparative study
Skeletal Radiol, 24 (2), 105-9
PubMed 7747174

Publications 1994

Holen KJ, Terjesen T, Tegnander A, Bredland T, Saether OD, Eik-Nes SH (1994)
Ultrasound screening for hip dysplasia in newborns
J Pediatr Orthop, 14 (5), 667-73
PubMed 7962514

Publications 1993

Anda S, Terjesen T (1993)
Clinical determination of femoral anteversion. A comparison with established techniques
J Bone Joint Surg Am, 75 (7), 1110-2
PubMed 8335671

Bråten M, Nordby A, Terjesen T (1993)
Bone density and geometry after locked intramedullary nailing. Computed tomography of 8 femoral fractures
Acta Orthop Scand, 64 (1), 79-81
PubMed 8451955

Bråten M, Terjesen T, Rossvoll I (1993)
Torsional deformity after intramedullary nailing of femoral shaft fractures. Measurement of anteversion angles in 110 patients
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 75 (5), 799-803
PubMed 8376444

Terjesen T (1993)
Ultrasonography in the primary evaluation of patients with Perthes disease
J Pediatr Orthop, 13 (4), 437-43
PubMed 8370776

Terjesen T, Anda S, Rønningen H (1993)
Ultrasound examination for measurement of femoral anteversion in children
Skeletal Radiol, 22 (1), 33-6
PubMed 8430343

Terjesen T, Berg V, Bredland T, Eik-Nes SH (1993)
[Ultrasound screening of hip joints in newborn infants]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 113 (14), 1706-9
PubMed 8322296

Publications 1992

Bråten M, Nordby A, Terjesen T, Rossvoll I (1992)
Bone loss after locked intramedullary nailing. Computed tomography of the femur and tibia in 10 cases
Acta Orthop Scand, 63 (3), 310-4
PubMed 1609597

Bråten M, Terjesen T, Rossvoll I (1992)
Femoral anteversion in normal adults. Ultrasound measurements in 50 men and 50 women
Acta Orthop Scand, 63 (1), 29-32
PubMed 1738965

Junk S, Terjesen T, Rossvoll I, Bråten M (1992)
Leg length inequality measured by ultrasound and clinical methods
Eur J Radiol, 14 (3), 185-8
PubMed 1563425

Rossvoll I, Junk S, Terjesen T (1992)
The effect on low back pain of shortening osteotomy for leg length inequality
Int Orthop, 16 (4), 388-91
PubMed 1473895

Terjesen T (1992)
Ultrasonography for diagnosis of slipped capital femoral epiphysis. Comparison with radiography in 9 cases
Acta Orthop Scand, 63 (6), 653-7
PubMed 1471516

Terjesen T (1992)
Closed reduction guided by dynamic ultrasound in late-diagnosed hip dislocation
J Pediatr Orthop, 12 (1), 54-60
PubMed 1732295

Publications 1991

Anda S, Terjesen T, Kvistad KA (1991)
Computed tomography measurements of the acetabulum in adult dysplastic hips: which level is appropriate?
Skeletal Radiol, 20 (4), 267-71
PubMed 1853218

Anda S, Terjesen T, Kvistad KA, Svenningsen S (1991)
Acetabular angles and femoral anteversion in dysplastic hips in adults: CT investigation
J Comput Assist Tomogr, 15 (1), 115-20
PubMed 1987179

Terjesen T, Benum P, Rossvoll I, Svenningsen S, Fløystad Isern AE, Nordbø T (1991)
Leg-length discrepancy measured by ultrasonography
Acta Orthop Scand, 62 (2), 121-4
PubMed 2014720

Terjesen T, Osthus P (1991)
Ultrasound in the diagnosis and follow-up of transient synovitis of the hip
J Pediatr Orthop, 11 (5), 608-13
PubMed 1918347

Terjesen T, Osthus P (1991)
[Ultrasonography in serous coxitis]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 111 (24), 2970-2
PubMed 1948904

Terjesen T, Rundén TO, Johnsen HM (1991)
Ultrasound in the diagnosis of congenital dysplasia and dislocation of the hip joints in children older than two years
Clin Orthop Relat Res (262), 159-69
PubMed 1984913

Publications 1990

Bråten M, Terjesen T, Svenningsen S, Kibsgaard L (1990)
Effects of medullary reaming on fracture healing. Tibial osteotomies in rabbits
Acta Orthop Scand, 61 (4), 327-9
PubMed 2402984

Svenningsen S, Terjesen T, Apalset K, Anda S (1990)
Osteotomy for femoral anteversion. A prospective 9-year study of 52 children
Acta Orthop Scand, 61 (4), 360-3
PubMed 2402992

Svenningsen S, Terjesen T, Auflem M, Berg V (1990)
Hip rotation and in-toeing gait. A study of normal subjects from four years until adult age
Clin Orthop Relat Res (251), 177-82
PubMed 2295171

Terjesen T, Anda S (1990)
Ultrasound measurement of femoral anteversion
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 72 (4), 726-7
PubMed 2248658

Terjesen T, Anda S, Svenningsen S (1990)
Femoral anteversion in adolescents and adults measured by ultrasound
Clin Orthop Relat Res (256), 274-9
PubMed 2194727

Publications 1989

Svenningsen S, Apalset K, Terjesen T, Anda S (1989)
Regression of femoral anteversion. A prospective study of intoeing children
Acta Orthop Scand, 60 (2), 170-3
PubMed 2728876

Svenningsen S, Apalset K, Terjesen T, Anda S (1989)
Osteotomy for femoral anteversion. Complications in 95 children
Acta Orthop Scand, 60 (4), 401-5
PubMed 2816315

Svenningsen S, Terjesen T, Auflem M, Berg V (1989)
Hip motion related to age and sex
Acta Orthop Scand, 60 (1), 97-100
PubMed 2929306

Terjesen T, Bredland T, Berg V (1989)
Ultrasound for hip assessment in the newborn
J Bone Joint Surg Br, 71 (5), 767-73
PubMed 2684989

Terjesen T, Rundén TO, Tangerud A (1989)
Ultrasonography and radiography of the hip in infants
Acta Orthop Scand, 60 (6), 651-60
PubMed 2696321

Publications 1988

Anda S, Terjesen T, Sundalsfoll S, Tangerud A (1988)
Femoral anteversion measured by ultrasonography and radiography. An anatomic investigation
Acta Radiol, 29 (6), 695-9
PubMed 3056474

Terjesen T, Apalset K (1988)
The influence of different degrees of stiffness of fixation plates on experimental bone healing
J Orthop Res, 6 (2), 293-9
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[Ultrasonic examination of hip joints in newborn infants]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 108 (28), 2359-63
PubMed 3061058

Terjesen T, Svenningsen S (1988)
The effects of function and fixation stiffness on experimental bone healing
Acta Orthop Scand, 59 (6), 712-5
PubMed 3213463

Publications 1987

Terjesen T, Anda S (1987)
Femoral anteversion in children measured by ultrasound
Acta Orthop Scand, 58 (4), 403-7
PubMed 3314318

Publications 1986

Terjesen T (1986)
[Tibial shaft fractures. Plate osteosynthesis versus non-operative treatment]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 106 (12), 1012-7
PubMed 3523819

Terjesen T (1986)
[Ultrasound and orthopedics. Diagnostic aid]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 106 (24), 1953-6, 1946
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Effects of fixation stiffness on fracture healing. External fixation of tibial osteotomy in the rabbit
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The extent of stress-protection after plate osteosynthesis in the human tibia
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Function promotes fracture healing. Plate-fixed osteotomies studies in rabbits
Acta Orthop Scand, 57 (6), 523-5
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Publications 1985

Terjesen T, Nordby A, Arnulf V (1985)
Bone atrophy after plate fixation. Computed tomography of femoral shaft fractures
Acta Orthop Scand, 56 (5), 416-8
PubMed 4072662

Publications 1984

Terjesen T (1984)
Bone healing after metal plate fixation and external fixation of the osteotomized rabbit tibia
Acta Orthop Scand, 55 (1), 69-77
PubMed 6702434

Terjesen T (1984)
Plate fixation of tibial fractures in the rabbit. Correlation of bone strength with duration of fixation
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Terjesen T (1984)
Healing of rabbit tibial fractures using external fixation. Effects of removal of the fixation device
Acta Orthop Scand, 55 (2), 192-6
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Publications 1983

Terjesen T, Benum P (1983)
Stress-protection after external fixation on the intact rabbit tibia
Acta Orthop Scand, 54 (4), 648-54
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Terjesen T, Benum P (1983)
In vitro effects of external fixation on intact and osteotomized tibiae. A biomechanical study
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The stress-protecting effect of metal plates on the intact rabbit tibia
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Terjesen T, Benum P (1983)
Mechanical effects of metal plate fixation. In vitro investigation on intact and osteotomized human and rabbit tibiae
Acta Orthop Scand, 54 (2), 256-62
PubMed 6846003

Publications 1982

Terjesen T, Benum P, Anda S, Svenningsen S (1982)
Increased femoral anteversion and osteoarthritis of the hip joint
Acta Orthop Scand, 53 (4), 571-5
PubMed 7102274

Publications 1980

Hole A, Terjesen T, Breivik H (1980)
Epidural versus general anaesthesia for total hip arthroplasty in elderly patients
Acta Anaesthesiol Scand, 24 (4), 279-87
PubMed 7468115

Publications 1979

Terjesen T (1979)
[Malignant vertebral tumors]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 99 (33), 1713-5
PubMed 531855

Publications 1976

Nygaard E, Terjesen T (1976)
Giant vesical calculas and anuria
Scand J Urol Nephrol, 10 (1), 88-90
PubMed 1273538

Terjesen T (1976)
[Benign tumors localized in the cauda equina]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 96 (31), 1642-3
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Terjesen T, Erichsen HG (1976)
Carcinoma of the gastric stump after operation for benign gastroduodenal ulcer
Acta Chir Scand, 142 (3), 256-60
PubMed 936956

Publications 1975

Terjesen T (1975)
[Accidental venous plastic embolus]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 95 (24), 1364-5
PubMed 1179352

Publications 1974

Terjesen T (1974)
[Epiphysiolysis of the femoral head]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 94 (12), 754-60
PubMed 4830339