Vera Baasland Halvorsen
Position: Senior Consultant
Phone: 22117300

Consultant in the field of paediatric orthopedics for ten years

THR in patients under 20 years.

Since 1987, 131 patients under the age of 20 have undergone THR in Norway. The literature is scarce concerning long time follow up and clinical and radiological outcome for the youngest THR patients.

THR patients under 20 years in The National Register of Joint Replacement in Norway (1987-2010) will be asked to participate. The examinations will include clinical and radiological evaluations, EQ-5D and survival analysis of the prosthetic components.

The overall and long time purpose is to create the best treatment and follow up regime for these challanging patients.

To study the youngest THR patients.


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Acta Orthop, 87 (5), 479-84
PubMed 27435903

Publications 2007

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