Balasiddaiah Anangi

  • Postdoctoral research fellow
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Publications 2017

Balasiddaiah A, Davanian H, Aleman S, Pasetto A, Frelin L, Sällberg M, Lohmann V, Koh S, Bertoletti A, Chen M (2017)
Hepatitis C Virus-Specific T Cell Receptor mRNA-Engineered Human T Cells: Impact of Antigen Specificity on Functional Properties
J Virol, 91 (9)
PubMed 28228595

Davanian H, Balasiddaiah A, Heymann R, Sundström M, Redenström P, Silfverberg M, Brodin D, Sällberg M, Lindskog S, Kruger Weiner C, Chen M (2017)
Ameloblastoma RNA profiling uncovers a distinct non-coding RNA signature
Oncotarget, 8 (3), 4530-4542
PubMed 27965463

Publications 2016

Holmström F, Chen M, Balasiddaiah A, Sällberg M, Ahlén G, Frelin L (2016)
Functional differences in hepatitis C virus nonstructural (NS) 3/4A- and 5A-specific T cell responses
Sci Rep, 6, 24991
PubMed 27141891

Publications 2015

Duret C, Moreno D, Balasiddaiah A, Roux S, Briolotti P, Raulet E, Herrero A, Ramet H, Biron-Andreani C, Gerbal-Chaloin S, Ramos J, Navarro F, Hardwigsen J, Maurel P, Aldabe R, Daujat-Chavanieu M (2015)
Cold Preservation of Human Adult Hepatocytes for Liver Cell Therapy
Cell Transplant, 24 (12), 2541-55
PubMed 25622096

Publications 2014

Kashi VP, Jacob RA, Shamanna RA, Menon M, Balasiddaiah A, Varghese RK, Bachu M, Ranga U (2014)
The grafting of universal T-helper epitopes enhances immunogenicity of HIV-1 Tat concurrently improving its safety profile
PLoS One, 9 (12), e114155
PubMed 25531437

Publications 2013

Balasiddaiah A, Moreno D, Guembe L, Prieto J, Aldabe R (2013)
Hepatic differentiation of mouse iPS cells and analysis of liver engraftment potential of multistage iPS progeny
J Physiol Biochem, 69 (4), 835-45
PubMed 23715756

Larrea E, Riezu-Boj JI, Aldabe R, Guembe L, Echeverria I, Balasiddaiah A, Gastaminza P, Civeira MP, Sarobe P, Prieto J (2013)
Dysregulation of interferon regulatory factors impairs the expression of immunostimulatory molecules in hepatitis C virus genotype 1-infected hepatocytes
Gut, 63 (4), 665-73
PubMed 23787026

Moreno D, Balasiddaiah A, Lamas O, Duret C, Neri L, Guembe L, Galarraga M, Larrea E, Daujat-Chavanieu M, Muntane J, Maurel P, Riezu JI, Prieto J, Aldabe R (2013)
Usage of adenovirus expressing thymidine kinase mediated hepatocellular damage for enabling mouse liver repopulation with allogenic or xenogenic hepatocytes
PLoS One, 8 (9), e74948
PubMed 24086405

Publications 2007

Siddappa NB, Kashi VP, Venkatramanan M, Balasiddaiah A, Jayasuryan N, Mahadevan A, Desai A, Satish KS, Shankar SK, Ravi V, Ranga U (2007)
Gene expression analysis from human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C promoter and construction of bicistronic reporter vectors
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, 23 (10), 1268-78
PubMed 17961115

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