OCBE provides statistical and epidemiological advising and training for researchers and students of the Medical Faculty of the University of Oslo, the Oslo University Hospital and the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. We provide advising (free of charge) in choice of design and method, sample size calculation, methods of statistical and epidemiological analysis, and presentation and interpretation of results. We encourage people to contact us in an early phase of their project. Read more about our advising and how to apply here. 

You will receive a response to the application within approx. 1 week after your submission. You will be set in contact with one of our researchers to set up a meeting and discuss your project. Usually, we set aside 1 hour for the first meeting, after which follow-up meetings can be held depending on the needs.

For PhD students, it is recommended that supervisor(s) attend the first meeting. Usually, we do not perform the statistical analyses, but we may do some quality assurance of the statistical analysis if necessary. In some PhD projects, we are the main supervisor or methodological co-supervisor. In some cases, and by agreement, we can become active participants in projects and carry out analysis work and documentation of results.


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