Daniel Dahlberg
Position: Consultant Neurosurgeon, MD
Phone: +47 23070631

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Publications 2017

Dahlberg D, Struys EA, Jansen EE, Mørkrid L, Midttun Ø, Hassel B (2017)
Cyst Fluid From Cystic, Malignant Brain Tumors: A Reservoir of Nutrients, Including Growth Factor-Like Nutrients, for Tumor Cells
Neurosurgery, 80 (6), 917-924
PubMed 28327992

Hassel B, De Souza GA, Stensland ME, Ivanovic J, Voie Ø, Dahlberg D (2017)
The proteome of pus from human brain abscesses: host-derived neurotoxic proteins and the cell-type diversity of CNS pus
J Neurosurg, 1-9 (in press)
PubMed 29053067

Publications 2015

Dahlberg D, Ivanovic J, Hassel B (2015)
Toxic levels of ammonia in human brain abscess
J Neurosurg, 124 (3), 854-60
PubMed 26274996

Dahlberg D, Ivanovic J, Mariussen E, Hassel B (2015)
High extracellular levels of potassium and trace metals in human brain abscess
Neurochem Int, 82, 28-32
PubMed 25684071

Dahlberg D, Mariussen E, Goverud IL, Tønjum T, Mæhlen J, Antal EA, Hassel B (2015)
Staphylococcal α-hemolysin is neurotoxic and causes lysis of brain cells in vivo and in vitro
Neurotoxicology, 48, 61-7
PubMed 25757835

Publications 2014

Dahlberg D, Ivanovic J, Hassel B (2014)
High extracellular concentration of excitatory amino acids glutamate and aspartate in human brain abscess
Neurochem Int, 69, 41-7
PubMed 24632003

Hassel B, Dahlberg D, Mariussen E, Goverud IL, Antal EA, Tønjum T, Maehlen J (2014)
Brain infection with Staphylococcus aureus leads to high extracellular levels of glutamate, aspartate, γ-aminobutyric acid, and zinc
J Neurosci Res, 92 (12), 1792-800
PubMed 25043715

Publications 2013

Sorteberg A, Dahlberg D (2013)
Intracranial Non-traumatic Aneurysms in Children and Adolescents
Curr Pediatr Rev, 9 (4), 343-352
PubMed 24696670

Publications 2012

Dahlberg D, Halvorsen CM, Lied B, Helseth E (2012)
Minimally invasive microsurgical resection of primary, intradural spinal tumours using a tubular retraction system
Br J Neurosurg, 26 (4), 472-5
PubMed 22239275

Publications 2010

Gjertsen O, Nakstad PH, Pedersen H, Dahlberg D (2010)
Percutaneous intravertebral body embolization of a traumatic spinal epidural arteriovenous fistula with secondary perimedullary venous reflux. A case report
Interv Neuroradiol, 16 (1), 97-102
PubMed 20377987

Gjertsen O, Nakstad PH, Pedersen HK, Dahlberg D (2010)
Percutaneous Intravertebral Body Embolization of a Traumatic Spinal Epidural Arteriovenous Fistula with Secondary Perimedullary Venous Reflux A Case Report
Interv. Neuroradiol., 16 (1), 97-102

Publications 2007

Deutch S, Dahlberg D, Hedegaard J, Schmidt MB, Møller JK, Ostergaard L (2007)
Diagnosis of ventricular drainage-related bacterial meningitis by broad-range real-time polymerase chain reaction
Neurosurgery, 61 (2), 306-11; discussion 311-2
PubMed 17762743