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Neonatal Medicine (NeoChibs)

Neonatal medicine with main research focus on neonatal circulation, myocardial function, GBS-infection, brain damage, follow up and intervention programs.

Photo: Øystein H. Horgmo, UiO

Aim and strategy

Our research group has focus on neonatology. Main topics of interest have been the newborn circulation and myocardial function in healthy and sick term and preterm newborns.

The transitional phase from fetal to newborn circulation is a vulnerable period for the newborn baby and has been of main interest.

Other focus have been brain damages as a consequence of prematurity and perinatal asphyxia and serious infections in neonates.

We have had six PhD-studies over the last four years. Three are related to newer modalities of studying myocardial function (Tissue Doppler Imaging) in the neonates, one is focusing on continuous EEG-monitoring in the early neonatal period in extreme preterm babies, and two focus on intervention programs and follow up after prematurity.

Our research group is cooperating with several other departments within Oslo University Hospital, as well as other institutions and health regions in Norway and abroad.

Ongoing Projects

  • Myocardial function in the sick term and preterm neonates and further methodological development
  • Microcirculatory studies in healthy and sick neonates (Laser Doppler, Video-microscopy, spectroscopy)
  • Prediction of neurological sequela after hypothermia treatment in neonates with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
  • Group B-streptococcus in mothers and neonates: a clinical, epidemiological and microbiological study
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Group leader

  • Sissel Jennifer Moltu


Detailed list of participants

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