Norwegian Core Facility Available Services


 COSTS (VAT incl.)

 Use of culture facility

 Fee-based by agreement, booking required
 Use of virus lab Fee-based by agreement, booking required
 Training in hiPSC cultivation 6000 NOK /person or 9000 NOK /two persons
 Quarantine cell culturing prior
 to mycoplasma testing
100 NOK /day, booking required
 Use of confocal microscope  100 NOK /hour, booking required
 Human Feeders (irradiated)  20 NOK /35 mm dish
 hESC / hiPSC cultivation  Negotiable based on volume 

 hiPSC generation (five clones depending on donor cell quality)
     - banked fibroblast line from skin biopsy
     - reprogrammed hiPSC line (Sendai virus)
     - reprogrammed hiPSC line (ReproRNA-OKSGM)

    1 000 NOK /biopsy (2 cryotubes/biopsy)         
  35 000 NOK /donor (4-5 iPSC lines/donor)        
  35 000 NOK /donor (4-5 iPSC lines/donor)

     - hESC medium


1000 NOK /500 mL

 Mycoplasma detection in cell culture media  300 NOK /test
 Cultivation of in-house /user provided hESC and hiPSCs  Negotiable based on volume
 Storage (liquid nitrogen) of hESC and hiPSCs  1000 NOK /year
 Pluripotency testing of user-provided cells
     - qPCR
     - immunocytochemistry and confocal microscopy


  400 NOK /plate (perishables fee-based by agreement)
  1000 NOK /line

 Differentiation via EB to three germ layers

 1000 NOK /line

 Genetic karyotyping

 2500 NOK /line

 Differentiation via hiPSCs to human neural progenitor cells (hNPCS)

 3500 NOK/line

 Flow cytometry
      - Cell analysis
      - DNA analysis

  50 NOK / sample
  100 NOK / sample

 Immunostaining of differentiated hESC and hiPSCs

 Negotiable based on volume

 Use of Variable Oxygen Cell Culture Unit (Biospherix)

         - Gas supply (user dependent)


500 NOK / 50 L nitrogen gas
250 NOK / day
1000 NOK / week
3500 NOK / month