Video presentation of Oslo Myeloma Center:

This film shows the breadth of features at Oslo Myeloma Center including:

  1. A large clinical research activity. (2017: 84 enrolled patients in 11 clinical studies, from phase 1 to phase 3; academic and industry studies). Biggest center in the Nordics, and biggest center in the Nordic Myeloma Study Group. Weekly group meetings, and twice weekly tumor boards. 5-days-a-week study outpatient clinic.
  2. Our first phase-1-study is now ongoing, and we’re the biggest center. Jan 22nd a patient of ours received the triplet treatment, as the first patient in the world. He might be interviewed.
  3. Strong collaboration with the translational group KG Jebsen for B cell malignancies (Newly founded), pathophysiology, immunotherapy and drug sensitivity center.
  4. Large transplant center: 124 autologous transplants in 2017.
  5. In our hospital we have high-tech facilities for cytogenetics, flowcytometrics, pathology, and PET-CT.
  6. We have the largest cell laboratory in public health care in Europe, and have CAR-T-cell-experience from two previous studies. We have an amyloidosis group with regular tumor boards, and who have developed a lasermicrodissection-mass spectrometry program.


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