Safora Johansen
Position: Senior researcher, PhD
Phone: +47 22781083/ 23075444/ 928 47 480


Safora Johansen completed her doctorate in radiation oncology and late side effects in breast cancer patients in 2010 at the University of Oslo. As a post doctorate, she continued her research in the same area at the institute for cancer research, Oslo University hospital, Radiumhospitalet. She has participated in implementation of new and advanced radiotherapy techniques, and has studied the effect of these advanced techniques on late side effects development in cancer patients receiving radiotherapy as a part of their treatment. Another research area for Safora Johansen has been about estimating the risk for radiation induced secondary cancer in cancer patients as a result of radiotherapy by employing bio mathematical models. She is now working as a senior researcher at the Oslo University hospital.

She has censorship cooperation with university of Bergen at the faculty of community medicine, college of Bergen and college of Oslo and Akershus at the health department.

Recent interest includes testing the effect of internet support programs for cancer patients and their caregiver.

Projects and grants

  1. Dose distribution in the heart and cardiac chambers following 4-field radiation therapy of breast cancer- a retrospective study
  2. Arm and shoulder morbidity following radiotherapy of breast cancer
  3. Improving symptom management for cancer patients and their caregivers through internet support- A randomized clinical trial

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Publications 2017

Johansen S, Cvancarova M, Ruland C (2017)
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PubMed 28545588

Publications 2016

Sygna K, Johansen S, Ruland CM (2016)
Erratum to: 'Recruitment challenges in clinical research including cancer patients and their caregivers. A randomized controlled trial study and lessons learned'
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PubMed 26965306

Publications 2015

Sygna K, Johansen S, Ruland CM (2015)
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Publications 2014

Johansen S, Fosså K, Nesvold IL, Malinen E, Fosså SD (2014)
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Publications 2013

Johansen S, Tjessem KH, Fosså K, Bosse G, Danielsen T, Malinen E, Fosså SD (2013)
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Publications 2011

Johansen S, Reinertsen KV, Knutstad K, Olsen DR, Fosså SD (2011)
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Johansen S, Vikström J, Hjelstuen MH, Mjaaland I, Dybvik KI, Olsen DR (2011)
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PubMed 21370938

Publications 2010

Weber DC, Johanson S, Peguret N, Cozzi L, Olsen DR (2010)
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PubMed 20800383

Publications 2009

Johansen S, Cozzi L, Olsen DR (2009)
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Publications 2008

Johansen S, Danielsen T, Olsen DR (2008)
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Publications 2006

Johansen S, Olsen DR, Danielsen T, Malinen E (2006)
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