Tord Hompland
Position: Post doc, Dr. philos
Phone: +47 22 78 1956

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Publications 2015

Lund KV, Simonsen TG, Hompland T, Kristensen GB, Rofstad EK (2015)
Short-term pretreatment DCE-MRI in prediction of outcome in locally advanced cervical cancer
Radiother Oncol, 115 (3), 379-85
PubMed 25998804

Publications 2014

Hompland T, Ellingsen C, Galappathi K, Rofstad EK (2014)
DW-MRI in assessment of the hypoxic fraction, interstitial fluid pressure, and metastatic propensity of melanoma xenografts
BMC Cancer, 14, 92
PubMed 24528854

Hompland T, Lund KV, Ellingsen C, Kristensen GB, Rofstad EK (2014)
Peritumoral interstitial fluid flow velocity predicts survival in cervical carcinoma
Radiother Oncol, 113 (1), 132-8
PubMed 25443501

Publications 2013

Ellingsen C, Hompland T, Galappathi K, Mathiesen B, Rofstad EK (2013)
DCE-MRI of the hypoxic fraction, radioresponsiveness, and metastatic propensity of cervical carcinoma xenografts
Radiother Oncol, 110 (2), 335-41
PubMed 24231244

Ellingsen C, Walenta S, Hompland T, Mueller-Klieser W, Rofstad EK (2013)
The Microenvironment of Cervical Carcinoma Xenografts: Associations with Lymph Node Metastasis and Its Assessment by DCE-MRI
Transl Oncol, 6 (5), 607-17
PubMed 24151541

Gaustad JV, Pozdniakova V, Hompland T, Simonsen TG, Rofstad EK (2013)
Magnetic resonance imaging identifies early effects of sunitinib treatment in human melanoma xenografts
J Exp Clin Cancer Res, 32, 93
PubMed 24245934

Hompland T, Ellingsen C, Galappathi K, Rofstad EK (2013)
Connective tissue of cervical carcinoma xenografts: associations with tumor hypoxia and interstitial fluid pressure and its assessment by DCE-MRI and DW-MRI
Acta Oncol, 53 (1), 6-15
PubMed 23445339

Publications 2012

Ellingsen C, Hompland T, Mathiesen B, Rofstad EK (2012)
Microenvironment-associated lymph node metastasis of human cervical carcinoma xenografts
Acta Oncol, 51 (4), 465-72
PubMed 22292610

Hompland T, Ellingsen C, Rofstad EK (2012)
Preclinical evaluation of Gd-DTPA and gadomelitol as contrast agents in DCE-MRI of cervical carcinoma interstitial fluid pressure
BMC Cancer, 12, 544
PubMed 23173554

Hompland T, Ellingsen C, Øvrebø KM, Rofstad EK (2012)
Interstitial fluid pressure and associated lymph node metastasis revealed in tumors by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
Cancer Res, 72 (19), 4899-908
PubMed 23027087

Hompland T, Gulliksrud K, Ellingsen C, Rofstad EK (2012)
Assessment of the interstitial fluid pressure of tumors by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging with contrast agents of different molecular weights
Acta Oncol, 52 (3), 627-35
PubMed 23126523

Øvrebø KM, Ellingsen C, Hompland T, Rofstad EK (2012)
Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the metastatic potential of tumors: a preclinical study of cervical carcinoma and melanoma xenografts
Acta Oncol, 52 (3), 604-11
PubMed 22671573

Publications 2011

Gulliksrud K, Hompland T, Galappathi K, Rofstad EK (2011)
Assessment of tumor hypoxia and interstitial fluid pressure by gadomelitol-based dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
Radiother Oncol, 101 (1), 217-22
PubMed 21840612

Øvrebø KM, Hompland T, Mathiesen B, Rofstad EK (2011)
Assessment of hypoxia and radiation response in intramuscular experimental tumors by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
Radiother Oncol, 102 (3), 429-35
PubMed 22197352

Publications 2008

Hompland T, Erikson A, Lindgren M, Lindmo T, de Lange Davies C (2008)
Second-harmonic generation in collagen as a potential cancer diagnostic parameter
J Biomed Opt, 13 (5), 054050
PubMed 19021430

Publications 2007

Erikson A, Ortegren J, Hompland T, de Lange Davies C, Lindgren M (2007)
Quantification of the second-order nonlinear susceptibility of collagen I using a laser scanning microscope
J Biomed Opt, 12 (4), 044002
PubMed 17867806