Ramesh Upreti

  • PhD student; MSc

Publications 2024

Haraldsen IH, Hatlestad-Hall C, Marra C, Renvall H, Maestú F, Acosta-Hernández J, Alfonsin S, Andersson V, Anand A, Ayllón V, Babic A, Belhadi A, Birck C, Bruña R, Caraglia N, Carrarini C, Christensen E, Cicchetti A, Daugbjerg S, Di Bidino R, Diaz-Ponce A, Drews A, Giuffrè GM, Georges J, Gil-Gregorio P et al. (2024)
Intelligent digital tools for screening of brain connectivity and dementia risk estimation in people affected by mild cognitive impairment: the AI-Mind clinical study protocol
Front Neurorobot, 17, 1289406
DOI 10.3389/fnbot.2023.1289406, PubMed 38250599

Publications 2020

Upreti R, Rauniyar A, Kunwar J, Haugerud H, Engelstad P, Yazidi A (2020)
Adaptive pursuit learning for energy-efficient target coverage in wireless sensor networks
Concurr. Comput.-Pract. Exp., e5975
DOI 10.1002/cpe.5975

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