IDART (The Impairing Drugs and Alcohol as Risk Factors for Traumatic Injuries)

The Impairing Drugs and Alcohol as Risk Factors for Traumatic Injuries (IDART) study is a national prospective study, assessing the prevalence of psychoactive medicinal and illegal drugs and alcohol of all trauma patients admitted to any of the 38 trauma hospitals in Norway. During a twelve month study period, from March 1st 2019 through February 2020, all patients ≥ 16 years of age admitted via trauma team activation to any Norwegian trauma hospital is illegible for inclusion,. Blood samples collected on hospital admission are analyzed for the 35 most commonly used medicinal and illegal drugs and ethanol. Toxicological data will be linked to clinical data from the National Trauma Registry with the aim to identify and describe high risk groups for traumatic injuries. After 6 months 3006 patients were included from 34 trauma hospitals. Preliminary analyses show that 33% of the included patients tested positive for psychoactive substances. Further, 20% of the patients tested positive for ethanol, 9% for illegal drugs and 13% for psychoactive medicinal drugs. Currently, 35 of the 38 Norwegian trauma hospitals are participating in the IDART study, and the expected number of included patients is approximating 7000.

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