Annual Report 2022

Our second year as ProCardio was successful. We have worked on our projects with engagement and skills, and we achieved considerable results in 2022. Thank you to every single one of you.

The center was established to create a clinically driven, validated ICT platform for cardiology that will enable a major change in individualized healthcare, providing the best possible treatment and risk prevention by using big data and artificial intelligence. Based on leading edge research, this platform will facilitate fusion and analysis of rich and diverse data, integrating a wealth of available information into the workflow of clinical cardiology, and tailor individual care to prevent over- and undertreatment. 

The ProCardio Center for Innovation is comprised of 11 partners with OUS being the host partner. Each partner represents a unique and required element in the research and development chain leading to the industrial innovations targeted by ProCardio.

In 2022, the collaboration between ProCardio and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 MARCIUS project has been strengthened. The two MARCIUS ESRs working with GE Vingmed Ultrasound are well aligned with ProCardio and have achieved interesting results relevant to the consortium. The MARCIUS project is an international collaboration involving GE Vingmed Ultrasound, UiO, the universities of Maastricht (NL) and Leiden (B), as well as Jessa Hospital (B) and the company MedaPhor/Intelligent Ultrasound (UK). By this collaboration, the ProCardio consortium has access to highly reputed international researchers and domain experts within ultrasound simulation and deep learning. 

Simula has a particularly extensive collaboration with UCSD (called SUURPh) which focuses on research training and the exchange of PhD candidates within scientific data processing and biomedical applications, primarily related to cardiac physiology, running an annual summer school which has quickly become a premier venue for education within computational cardiology. In addition, Simula has a close collaboration with UC Berkeley through the project SIMBER (The Simula Berkeley Education and Research Collaboration), funded through the INTPART programme.

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