Annual Report 2021

The center was established to create a clinically driven, validated ICT platform for cardiology that will enable a major change in individualized healthcare, providing the best possible treatment and risk prevention by using big data and artificial intelligence. Based on leading edge research, this platform will facilitate fusion and analysis of rich and diverse data, integrating a wealth of available information into the workflow of clinical cardiology, and tailor individual care to prevent over- and under-treatment. 

The most substantial impact of the ProCardio on Norwegian and European societies will be its impact on healthcare. In spite of recent advances leading to decreased mortality rates, cardio vascular disease remains the most common cause of death in Norway accounting for more than one in four deaths. 

The envisioned uptake of ProCardio tools will have substantial impact for individual patients with metrics such as cost per Quality Adjusted Life Year gained.

Even more important, these improvements will benefit patients by
1) improved selection criteria
2) individually optimized treatment
3) more accurate follow-ups
4) reduced hospitalization stays and procedures
5) personalized advise on health bringing activities e.g. exercise

ProCardio will have governing structures and operating mechanism that will guarantee a targeted effort to produce results that can be exploited by the partners and lead to value creation in Norway, through the engaged industrial end-users. The center is also strongly in line with the strategies of research partners (NTNU, SRL, UiO, OUS) who are all member of the NHT cluster. OUS ​director of Innovation is invited as part of the management team to ensure continuous focus on innovations. Lastly, clinical partners participating in ProCardio will benefit from sizeable value pools from more effective cardiac care. 

Annual report 2021 (PDF)

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