ProCardio receives funding from the Research Council of Norway

Center for Research-based Innovation, ProCardio will develop, test and validate new tools that can reliably predict an individual patient’s disease progression, and provide a longitudinal view of past and future care pathway options, enabling optimal disease treatment and prevention of disease progression.

Creating new digital solutions, which are necessary to more effectively exploit the wealth of data produced in modern cardiology, will require integrating rich patient data across all levels of healthcare, while harnessing clinical expertise combined with cutting edge ICT solutions. ProCardio will build on the achieved world-leading research and previous cooperation by developing novel machine learning methods to overcome the «black-box» nature of artificial intelligence. Linking these to physiological cardiac computer models will pave the way to reaching ProCardio’s ambitious goals.

We are continuing the successful collaboration between the partners from Center for Cardiological Innovation and also introdusing partners that can contribute knowledge and insight regarding data registries and databases, eHealth and data management, data science and AI infrastructure, while bringing several of the largest players in the cardiac medtech arena together with leading Norwegian and international research centres.

- The centers are important especially for new industries where there is a great need for research expertise and technology development. By focusing on long-term cooperation between business and research, we lay a good foundation for green transition and future employment, says John-Arne Røttingen, Chief Executive of the Research Council of Norway.

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