Hallvard Lærum
Position: Researcher, MD PhD
Phone: +4723075059 / +4748199020
MD PhD, former manager of clinical information systems at Oslo University Hospital 2003-2010

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Publications 2016

Lærum H, Bakke SL, Pedersen R, Valand JT (2016)
An update on OpenEHR archetypes in Norway: Response to article Christensen B & Ellingsen G: "Evaluating Model-Driven Development for large-scale EHRs through the openEHR approach" IJMI May 2016, Volume 89, pages 43-54
Int J Med Inform, 93, 1
PubMed 27435941

Publications 2013

Lærum H, Bremer S, Bergan S, Grünfeld T (2013)
A taste of individualized medicine: physicians' reactions to automated genetic interpretations
J Am Med Inform Assoc, 21 (e1), e143-6
PubMed 24001515

Publications 2008

Andre B, Ringdal GI, Loge JH, Rannestad T, Laerum H, Kaasa S (2008)
Experiences with the Implementation of Computerized Tools in Health Care Units: A Review Article
Int. J. Hum.-Comput. Interact., 24 (8), PII 906484200-775

Publications 2006

Lium JT, Laerum H, Schulz T, Faxvaag A (2006)
From the front line, report from a near paperless hospital: mixed reception among health care professionals
J Am Med Inform Assoc, 13 (6), 668-75
PubMed 16929040

Publications 2004

Laerum H, Faxvaag A (2004)
Task-oriented evaluation of electronic medical records systems: development and validation of a questionnaire for physicians
BMC Med Inform Decis Mak, 4, 1
PubMed 15018620

Laerum H, Karlsen TH, Faxvaag A (2004)
Use of and attitudes to a hospital information system by medical secretaries, nurses and physicians deprived of the paper-based medical record: a case report
BMC Med Inform Decis Mak, 4, 18
PubMed 15488150

Publications 2003

Laerum H, Karlsen TH, Faxvaag A (2003)
Effects of scanning and eliminating paper-based medical records on hospital physicians' clinical work practice
J Am Med Inform Assoc, 10 (6), 588-95
PubMed 12925550

Publications 2002

Laerum H, Ellingsen G, Faxvaag A (2002)
[Electronic medical records in somatic hospitals--availability and clinical use]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 122 (26), 2540-3
PubMed 12522880

Publications 2001

Laerum H, Ellingsen G, Faxvaag A (2001)
Doctors' use of electronic medical records systems in hospitals: cross sectional survey
BMJ, 323 (7325), 1344-8
PubMed 11739222

Publications 1994

Laerum H, Storm JF (1994)
Hippocampal long-term potentiation is not accompanied by presynaptic spike broadening, unlike synaptic potentiation by K+ channel blockers
Brain Res, 637 (1-2), 349-55
PubMed 8180818