Vilte Stonyte

  • Postdoc; PhD
  • +47 22 78 19 83

Publications 2023

Stonyte V, Mastrangelopoulou M, Timmer R, Lindbergsengen L, Vietri M, Campsteijn C, Grallert B (2023)
The GCN2/eIF2αK stress kinase regulates PP1 to ensure mitotic fidelity
EMBO Rep, 24 (8), e56100
DOI 10.15252/embr.202256100, PubMed 37291955

Publications 2020

Martín R, Stonyte V, Lopez-Aviles S (2020)
Protein Phosphatases in G1 Regulation
Int J Mol Sci, 21 (2)
DOI 10.3390/ijms21020395, PubMed 31936296

Stonyte V, Martín R, Segura-Peña D, Sekulić N, Lopez-Aviles S (2020)
Requirement of PP2A-B56Par1 for the Stabilization of the CDK Inhibitor Rum1 and Activation of APC/CSte9 during Pre-Start G1 in S. pombe
iScience, 23 (5), 101063
DOI 10.1016/j.isci.2020.101063, PubMed 32361273

Publications 2018

Stonyte V, Boye E, Grallert B (2018)
Regulation of global translation during the cell cycle
J Cell Sci, 131 (17)
DOI 10.1242/jcs.220327, PubMed 30072440

Publications 2017

Rothe C, Rødland GE, Anda S, Stonyte V, Boye E, Lopez-Aviles S, Grallert B (2017)
A checkpoint-independent mechanism delays entry into mitosis after UV irradiation
J Cell Sci, 130 (23), 4028-4037
DOI 10.1242/jcs.204693, PubMed 29046339

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