Nanna von der Lippe
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Publications 2017

Lønning K, Midtvedt K, Bernklev T, Brunborg C, Andersen MH, von der Lippe N, Reisaeter AV, Line PD, Hartmann A, Heldal K (2017)
Changes in health related quality of life in older candidates waiting for kidney transplantation
Nephrology (Carlton) (in press)
PubMed 28734131

Publications 2016

Brekke FB, Waldum-Grevbo B, von der Lippe N, Os I (2016)
The effect of renal transplantation on quality of sleep in former dialysis patients
Transpl Int, 30 (1), 49-56
PubMed 27696543

von der Lippe N, Waldum-Grevbo B, Varberg Reisæter A, Os I (2016)
Is HRQOL in dialysis associated with patient survival or graft function after kidney transplantation?
BMC Nephrol, 17, 94
PubMed 27456506

Publications 2015

Amro A, Waldum-Grevbo B, von der Lippe N, Brekke FB, Miaskowski C, Os I (2015)
Symptom Clusters From Dialysis to Renal Transplantation: A Five-Year Longitudinal Study
J Pain Symptom Manage, 51 (3), 512-9
PubMed 26550937

Publications 2014

Amro A, Waldum B, von der Lippe N, Brekke FB, Dammen T, Miaskowski C, Os I (2014)
Symptom clusters predict mortality among dialysis patients in Norway: a prospective observational cohort study
J Pain Symptom Manage, 49 (1), 27-35
PubMed 24858738

von der Lippe N, Waldum B, Brekke FB, Amro AA, Reisæter AV, Os I (2014)
From dialysis to transplantation: a 5-year longitudinal study on self-reported quality of life
BMC Nephrol, 15, 191
PubMed 25465066

von der Lippe N, Waldum B, Østhus TB, Reisæter AV, Os I (2014)
Health related quality of life in patients in dialysis after renal graft loss and effect of gender
BMC Womens Health, 14 (1), 34
PubMed 24580724

Publications 2012

Osthus TB, von der Lippe N, Ribu L, Rustøen T, Leivestad T, Dammen T, Os I (2012)
Health-related quality of life and all-cause mortality in patients with diabetes on dialysis
BMC Nephrol, 13, 78
PubMed 22863310