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Kåre Birkeland
Group leader

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Type 2 diabetes and metabolism

Our main focus area of research are causes, development and complications of type 2 diabetes.

About the group

We do clinical and mechanistic studies in obesity, prediabetes and diabetes and participate in large epidemiological register-based studies.

We design and conduct our own studies, perform translational research with collaborating laboratories and participate in multi-centre studies initiated from academic collaborators or sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.

Our aim is to improve prevention and treatment for type 2 diabetes.


  • STORK Groruddalen
  • sObR studies
  • Epidemology of Type 2 diabetes in Norway
  • Clinical trials


  • Research Institute for Internal Medicine, OUH, Bente E. Halvorsen
  • Department of Nutrition, UiO, Christian Drevon
  • Physical Performance, NIH, Jørgen Jensen
  • Morbid obesity, OUH, Tom Mala og Jon Kristinsson
  • Medical Physics, OUH and UiO, Christian Tronstad and Department of Physics, UiO, Ørjan G. Martinsen
  • Morbid Obesity, SiV and UiO, Jøran Hjelmesæth and Dag Hofsø
  • Section for Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Biosciences, UiO, Arild Rustan
  • Department of Clinical Molecular Biology (EpiGen), UiO, Yvonne Böttcher
  • Chronic Diseases and Ageing, NIPH
  • Astra Zeneca Nordic.Baltic, Johan Bodegaard
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  • Kåre Inge Birkeland Universitetet i Oslo
  • Anne-Marie Aas Universitetet i Oslo
  • Christin Wiegels Waage Universitetet i Oslo
  • Elisabeth Qvigstad Universitetet i Oslo
  • Gunn-Helen Øiseth Moen Universitetet i Oslo
  • Julia Onsrud Opsahl Universitetet i Oslo
  • Sindre Lee-Ødegård Universitetet i Oslo
  • An Thi Tran
  • Anne Karen Jenum
  • Anita Suntharalingam
  • Anne Pernille Ofstad
  • Archana Sharma
  • Christine Sommer
  • Eline Birkeland
  • Hanne Løvdal Gulseth
  • Hilde Risstad
  • Ingvild Kristine Høgestøl
  • Kari Anne Sveen
  • Kirsti Bjerkan
  • Line Sletner
  • Nicolas Fragoso Bargas
  • Paz Lopez-Doriga Ruiz
  • Åse Halsne
  • Åse Ruth Eggemoen
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