Karoline Skogen
Position: MD
Phone: +47 22119350

Publications 2016

Skogen K, Schulz A, Dormagen JB, Ganeshan B, Helseth E, Server A (2016)
Diagnostic performance of texture analysis on MRI in grading cerebral gliomas
Eur J Radiol, 85 (4), 824-9
PubMed 26971430

Publications 2012

Rojas-Anaya H, Skogen K, Miles KA (2012)
Stakeholder perspectives on the use of positron emission tomography in phase III oncology trials in the UK
Nucl Med Commun, 33 (6), 626-32
PubMed 22543952

Skogen K, Ganeshan B, Good C, Critchley G, Miles K (2012)
Measurements of heterogeneity in gliomas on computed tomography relationship to tumour grade
J Neurooncol, 111 (2), 213-9
PubMed 23224678

Publications 2011

Ganeshan B, Strukowska O, Skogen K, Young R, Chatwin C, Miles K (2011)
Heterogeneity of focal breast lesions and surrounding tissue assessed by mammographic texture analysis: preliminary evidence of an association with tumor invasion and estrogen receptor status
Front Oncol, 1, 33
PubMed 22649761