Pathology Research - The Norwegian Radium Hospital

Our aim is to identify biomarkers (genes, gene products and pathways) of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive relevance in serous effusions, uterine sarcomas, melanoma, lymphoma, leukemia, and pediatric tumors. We aim to identify potential therapeutic targets and develop a screening platform facilitating clinical treatment decision. We do computational biology related research and also provide various research services for national and international clinical trials including molecular testing, flow cytometry and central pathology review.

From left: Junbai Wang (PhD, Scientist), Marina Juraleviciute (PhD student), Arild Holth (technician), Omer Ali (PhD student), Vivi Ann Flørenes, Amna Farooq (PhD student), Agnieszka Malecka (PhD, Postdoc), Ieva Ailte (PhD, Postdoc).