MR imaging and analysis group

Group leaderAtle Bjørnerud
Group leader
Atle Bjørnerud

Development of novel functional MRI methods for improved disease detection and characterization. There is currently a particular focus on MR based imaging for diagnosis, prognosis- and treatment response assessment in oncology. A second focus is the application of multi-modal imaging for early detection of dementia. Finally, the group has a strong track record in implementing and testing novel imaging techniques and in the development of advanced image processing tools with the aim of improving the diagnostic value of new imaging methods in a clinical setting.


Research projects

  • Evaluation of functional Magnetic Resonance in the Diagnosis of Brain Tumors for Assessment of Clinical Efficacy - EMBRACE
  • Mapping the vessel architecture of cancer – LOOPS
  • Serial Diagnostic Assessments in Glioblastoma Therapy – SAILOR
  • Automated white matter lesion quantification
  • MRI-derived Cellularity Index as a Potential Non-invasive Imaging Biomarker for Prostate Cancer
  • Single Bolus Split Dynamic MRI: A Novel Method for Combined Morphologic and Functional Assessments of Breast Masses

Contact information:

Prof. Atle Bjørnerud - The Intervention Centre, OUH Tel: +47 97539499 E-mail: