Department of Medical Biochemistry - Radiumhospitalet

The laboratory at Radiumhospitalet is one of the few hospital laboratories that still develops, validates and introduces novel ”in house” immunoassays into its clinical diagnostic routine.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Over the years, we have produced a large number of custom-made mAbs, against a plethora of proteins, for our norwegian colleagues and international collaborators. These have included antibodies against cytokines, tumor marker antigens, and markers of hepatocellular injury, enzymes involved in drug metabolism and proteins involved in cell cycle regulation.

Monoclonal antibodies à la carte

Hybridoma technology requires a variety of methods not commonly available in a single laboratory. 

The typical time frame from acquisition of immunizing antigen to large-scale mAb production is in the order of 6-12 months. 

Our services are available à la carte, which allows us to take a highly customizable approach to each project. We provide collaborative and consultative services to facilitate the development of appropriate antigen purification, immunization, and hybridoma screening assays.

If requested, we can handle projects from start (purification of antigen) to finish (supply of purified antibodies or a completed immunoassay). Some investigators may prefer to perform some aspects in their own laboratory. This approach is preferable, not only does it increase our capacity, but also speeds up supply of the deliverable and helps minimize costs.

Services provided for a typical project include:

    • Immunization
    • Custom hybridoma generation
    • Screening
    • Protein purification
    • Large scale antibody production and purification
    • Antibody conjugation (biotin, dyes)
    • Antibody fragmentation (Fab´)2, scFv development
    • Iodination
    • Cell line cryobanking/mycoplasma testing
    • Immunoassay development
    • Cloning

Contact information: Nils Bolstad