TTA - Turning the Tide of Antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is emerging as a local and global threat to health care practice.

The main goal of the TTA network is to combat AMR by securing optimal diagnostics and drugs in order to address clinical signs and symptoms, transmission, treatment and optimized contact tracing. Our molecular profiling capacity provides unique methodologies to identify the genes that contribute to the AMR phenotype, defining the strong potential to generate core knowledge in pathogenesis and identify new diagnostics, vaccines and drug targets.

To insure the translation of this work into global health policy, we will examine the normative guidance, stakeholder involvement, and policy interventions needed to make novel diagnostics and novel antimicrobial therapy globally accessible, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

TTA will embark on AMR as a complex and ethical challenge in global health. The consortium, with experts from both clinical medicine, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, offers a unique opportunity for addressing AMR in a comprehensive manner.

The TTA consortium is formed by strong research groups in OUS divisions with complementary expertise teamed up with national and international collaborators.


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EventTTA Summer meeting June 19th 2018

Tuesday, June 19th 2018

Time: 12.00-17.00

Venue: University of Oslo, DM4 Rotunden

Please register at: Registration deadline: June 11th 2018




May 14, 2018

EventHands-on workshop QIIME

Thursday June 21st 2018

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Location: Room L-257, Domus Medica (DM4), Gaustad, University of Oslo 

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Registration deadline: June 10th 2018

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EventTTA EU workshop

TTA inviterer til en workshop (holdes på norsk) med fokus på EU søknadsprosess men som er relevant for alle søknadsprosesser. 

Når: 16 april 2018, 09.00- 16.00

Hvor: Universititetet i Oslo, DM4 L-200

Registreringsfrist: 6 april

Invitatasjon med progam.

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Mål: TTA networking og fasilitering av søknadsprosesser

  • Kunnskap om EUs søknadsprosess
  • Bevisstgjøring rundt eget bidrag («gullegg»/elevated pitch)
  • Oversikt over andre prosjekter i TTA og muligheter for samarbeid innen TTA nettverket
  • Verktøy for initiering av søknadsprosess med SWOT analyse og hvordan skaffe partnere


Mar 28, 2018

National Consortium for Microbial Genomics on December 7th 2017


The Norwegian Consortium for Microbial Genomics (NCMG) was established in 2016 to stimulate the development of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for microbiology in a One Health perspective in Norway.

 The aim of the consortium is to provide a platform: 

  • to establish culture-independent diagnostics for infectious diseases based on NGS
  • to implement NGS as an epidemiological tool in Norway in order to detect virulence and antibiotic resistance changes in human and zoonotic pathogens
  • to develop health registries of NGS data to support public health decisions
  • to establish a network for bioinformaticians to deal with NGS data for microbiology and to support research using NGS within the field of microbiology

The first meeting of the consortium in May 2016 assembled about 70 participants and the programme included invited speakers from the UK and Sweden in addition to national experts. We hope to renew last year’s success and hereby invite you to this one-day seminar on December 7 at Folkehelseinstituttet. 

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NewsSuccessful ABS/TTA workshop Nov. 23 2017

Research and innovation opportunities in Antimicrobial stewardship programs

Celine Pulcini (Université de Lorraine)
Jenny Dahl-Knudsen (Hvidovre, DK)
Dag Berild (OUS)
Jon Birger Haug (SØF)
Silje Jørgensen (Ahus)
Lars Småbrekke (UNN)
Jannicke Slettli Watne (KAS)
Arne Søraas (OUS)
Full program

The day was initiated by inspiring talks to facilitate a good discussion in the workshop session. The participants were to define specific recommendations for improving antibiotic stewardship at OUS. By identifying the gap/need, benefit/effect and solution and selecting one/two recommendations, they eagerly presented who, how and why this was to be prioritized. The input will be presented in a report that will be handed to the project owner of the OUS antimicrobial stewardship program at OUS.

Picture film




In the mediaTTA member Pål Rongved presenting his research in TU


NewsTTA at Oslo Innovation Week & the Norwegian Cancer Society "Antibiotic resistance and cancer" 27 Sep. 2017

TTA members Tone Tønjum and Dag Berild presented at the Norwegian Cancer Society's (Kreftforeningen) seminar on Antibiotic resistance and cancer - Current status, and how to prevent a potential apocalyptic scenario #OIW2017 at the new "Vitensenter" in Kongens gate 6.

Live stream:


NewsTTA at Oslo Science Expo (Forskningstorget)

TTA was present with a stand at "Forskningstorget" in Oslo Sep. 22-23.

Oslo Science Expo (Forskningstorget) is part of the National Science Week in Norway (Forskningsdagene), a nationwide event held every year to make science and research available to the public.

This years theme was "values" and TTA emphasized the importance of reducing the use of antibiotic and good hygiene to combat the development of antimicrobial resistance.


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