Stanley S. H. Cheuk
Position: Postdoc
Phone: +47 22 78 13 17

Publications 2017

Cheuk S, Martini E, Bergh K, Chang D, Rethi B, Sthle M, Eidsmo L (2017)
Granzyme A potentiates chemokine production in IL-17-stimulated keratinocytes
Exp Dermatol (in press)
PubMed 28094457

Cheuk S, Schlums H, Gallais Srzal I, Martini E, Chiang SC, Marquardt N, Gibbs A, Detlofsson E, Introini A, Forkel M, Hg C, Tjernlund A, Michalsson J, Folkersen L, Mjsberg J, Blomqvist L, Ehrstrm M, Sthle M, Bryceson YT, Eidsmo L (2017)
CD49a Expression Defines Tissue-Resident CD8(+) T Cells Poised for Cytotoxic Function in Human Skin
Immunity, 46 (2), 287-300
PubMed 28214226

Publications 2016

Martini E, Wikn M, Cheuk S, Gallais Srzal I, Baharom F, Sthle M, Smed-Srensen A, Eidsmo L (2016)
Dynamic Changes in Resident and Infiltrating Epidermal Dendritic Cells inActive and Resolved Psoriasis
J Invest Dermatol, 137 (4), 865-873
PubMed 28011143

Publications 2014

Cheuk S, Wikn M, Blomqvist L, Nyln S, Talme T, Sthle M, Eidsmo L (2014)
Epidermal Th22 and Tc17 cells form a localized disease memory in clinically healed psoriasis
J Immunol, 192 (7), 3111-20
PubMed 24610014

Teunissen MB, Munneke JM, Bernink JH, Spuls PI, Res PC, Te Velde A, Cheuk S, Brouwer MW, Menting SP, Eidsmo L, Spits H, Hazenberg MD, Mjsberg J (2014)
Composition of innate lymphoid cell subsets in the human skin: enrichment of NCR(+) ILC3 in lesional skin and blood of psoriasis patients
J Invest Dermatol, 134 (9), 2351-60
PubMed 24658504

Publications 2013

Nikamo P, Cheuk S, Lysell J, Enerbck C, Bergh K, Xu Landn N, Eidsmo L, Sthle M (2013)
Genetic variants of the IL22 promoter associate to onset of psoriasis before puberty and increased IL-22 production in T cells
J Invest Dermatol, 134 (6), 1535-41
PubMed 24390134