Morten Eriksen

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Publications 2016

Bentsen MH, Eriksen M, Olsen MS, Markestad T, Halvorsen T (2016)
Electromagnetic inductance plethysmography is well suited to measure tidal breathing in infants
ERJ Open Res, 2 (4)
PubMed 28053968

Healey AJ, Sontum PC, Kvåle S, Eriksen M, Bendiksen R, Tornes A, Østensen J (2016)
Acoustic Cluster Therapy: In Vitro and Ex Vivo Measurement of Activated Bubble Size Distribution and Temporal Dynamics
Ultrasound Med Biol, 42 (5), 1145-66
PubMed 26831341

Vecera J, Penicka M, Eriksen M, Russell K, Bartunek J, Vanderheyden M, Smiseth OA (2016)
Wasted septal work in left ventricular dyssynchrony: a novel principle to predict response to cardiac resynchronization therapy
Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging, 17 (6), 624-32
PubMed 26921169

Publications 2015

Boe E, Russell K, Eek C, Eriksen M, Remme EW, Smiseth OA, Skulstad H (2015)
Non-invasive myocardial work index identifies acute coronary occlusion in patients with non-ST-segment elevation-acute coronary syndrome
Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging, 16 (11), 1247-55
PubMed 25851329

Espe EK, Aronsen JM, Eriksen GS, Zhang L, Smiseth OA, Edvardsen T, Sjaastad I, Eriksen M (2015)
Assessment of regional myocardial work in rats
Circ Cardiovasc Imaging, 8 (2), e002695
PubMed 25673647

Publications 2014

Aspelin T, Eriksen M, Ilebekk A, Cataliotti A, Carlson CR, Lyberg T (2014)
β-blockade abolishes the augmented cardiac tPA release induced by transactivation of heterodimerised bradykinin receptor-2 and β2-adrenergic receptor in vivo
Thromb Haemost, 112 (5), 951-9
PubMed 25078038

Eriksen M, Engelbreth KI (2014)

Publications 2013

Russell K, Eriksen M, Aaberge L, Wilhelmsen N, Skulstad H, Gjesdal O, Edvardsen T, Smiseth OA (2013)
Assessment of wasted myocardial work: a novel method to quantify energy loss due to uncoordinated left ventricular contractions
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, 305 (7), H996-1003
PubMed 23893165

Williams EM, Powell T, Eriksen M, Neill P, Colasanti R (2013)
A pilot study quantifying the shape of tidal breathing waveforms using centroids in health and COPD
J Clin Monit Comput, 28 (1), 67-74
PubMed 23881418

Publications 2012

Russell K, Eriksen M, Aaberge L, Wilhelmsen N, Skulstad H, Remme EW, Haugaa KH, Opdahl A, Fjeld JG, Gjesdal O, Edvardsen T, Smiseth OA (2012)
A novel clinical method for quantification of regional left ventricular pressure-strain loop area: a non-invasive index of myocardial work
Eur Heart J, 33 (6), 724-33
PubMed 22315346

Publications 2011

Williams EM, Pickerd N, Eriksen M, Øygarden K, Kotecha S (2011)
Estimation of tidal ventilation in preterm and term newborn infants using electromagnetic inductance plethysmography
Physiol Meas, 32 (11), 1833-45
PubMed 22027661

Publications 2010

Chai CM, Rasmussen H, Eriksen M, Hvoslef AM, Evans P, Newton BB, Videm S (2010)
Predicting cardiotoxicity propensity of the novel iodinated contrast medium GE-145: Ventricular fibrillation during left coronary arteriography in pigs
Acta Radiol, 51 (9), 1007-13
PubMed 20799918

Publications 2002

Borthne AS, Pierre-Jerome C, Gjesdal KI, Storaas T, Courivaud F, Eriksen M (2002)
Pediatric excretory MR urography: comparative study of enhanced and non-enhanced techniques
Eur Radiol, 13 (6), 1423-7
PubMed 12764661

Waaler BA, Hisdal J, Eriksen M (2002)
Circulatory responses to a meal in patients with a newly transplanted heart
Acta Physiol Scand, 174 (2), 101-8
PubMed 11860371

Publications 2001

Karlsson JO, Brurok H, Eriksen M, Towart R, Toft KG, Moen O, Engebretsen B, Jynge P, Refsum H (2001)
Cardioprotective effects of the MR contrast agent MnDPDP and its metabolite MnPLED upon reperfusion of the ischemic porcine myocardium
Acta Radiol, 42 (6), 540-7
PubMed 11736698

Publications 1999

Søvik S, Eriksen M, Lossius K, Grøgaard J, Walløe L (1999)
A method of assessing ventilatory responses to chemoreceptor stimulation in infants
Acta Paediatr, 88 (5), 563-70
PubMed 10426182

Søvik S, Lossius K, Eriksen M, Grøgaard J, Walløe L (1999)
Development of oxygen sensitivity in infants of smoking and non-smoking mothers
Early Hum Dev, 56 (2-3), 217-32
PubMed 10636599

Waaler BA, Toska K, Eriksen M (1999)
Involvement of the human splanchnic circulation in pressor response induced by handgrip contraction
Acta Physiol Scand, 166 (2), 131-6
PubMed 10383492

Publications 1998

Wesche J, Orning O, Eriksen M, Walløe L (1998)
Electrophysiological evidence of reinnervation of the transplanted human heart
Cardiology, 89 (1), 73-5
PubMed 9452161

Publications 1997

Abildgaard A, Kløw NE, Jakobsen JA, Egge TS, Eriksen M (1997)
Effect of ultrasound contrast medium in color Doppler and power Doppler visualization of blood flow in canine kidneys
Acta Radiol, 38 (3), 445-53
PubMed 9191438

Bergersen TK, Eriksen M, Walløe L (1997)
Local constriction of arteriovenous anastomoses in the cooled finger
Am J Physiol, 273 (3 Pt 2), R880-6
PubMed 9321863

Publications 1996

Ostensen J, Frigstad S, Eriksen M (1996)
B-mode effects of third-generation sonographic contrast agents
Acad Radiol, 3 Suppl 2, S191-3
PubMed 8796559

Sovik S, Lossius K, Eriksen M, Grogaard J, Walloe L (1996)
Postnatal development of dynamic response to hyperoxia and hypoxia in infants of smokers and non-smokers
J. Physiol.-London, 494P, P36

Toska K, Eriksen M, Walløe L (1996)
Short-term control of cardiovascular function: estimation of control parameters in healthy humans
Am J Physiol, 270 (2 Pt 2), H651-60
PubMed 8779842

Publications 1995

Bergersen TK, Eriksen M, Walløe L (1995)
Effect of local warming on hand and finger artery blood velocities
Am J Physiol, 269 (2 Pt 2), R325-30
PubMed 7653653

Conlisk E, Siegel M, Lengerich E, Mac Kenzie W, Malek S, Eriksen M (1995)
The status of local smoking regulations in North Carolina following a state preemption bill
JAMA, 273 (10), 805-7
PubMed 7861576

Eriksen M, Lossius K (1995)
A causal relationship between fluctuations in thermoregulatory skin perfusion and respiratory movements in man
J Auton Nerv Syst, 53 (2-3), 223-9
PubMed 7560759

Lossius K, Eriksen M (1995)
Spontaneous flow waves detected by laser Doppler in human skin
Microvasc Res, 50 (1), 94-104
PubMed 7476583

Nitter WH, Johnsen LF, Eriksen M (1995)
Acute effects of indometacin on cerebral blood flow in man
Pharmacology, 51 (1), 48-55
PubMed 7568344

Publications 1994

Eriksen M, Waaler BA (1994)
Priority of blood flow to splanchnic organs in humans during pre- and post-meal exercise
Acta Physiol Scand, 150 (4), 363-72
PubMed 8036905

Lossius K, Eriksen M (1994)
Connection between skin arteriovenous shunt flow fluctuations and heart rate variability in infants
Early Hum Dev, 39 (1), 69-82
PubMed 7843046

Lossius K, Eriksen M, Walløe L (1994)
Thermoregulatory fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure in humans: effect of cooling and parasympathetic blockade
J Auton Nerv Syst, 47 (3), 245-54
PubMed 8014382

Toska K, Eriksen M (1994)
Peripheral vasoconstriction shortly after onset of moderate exercise in humans
J Appl Physiol (1985), 77 (3), 1519-25
PubMed 7836159

Toska K, Eriksen M, Walløe L (1994)
Short-term cardiovascular responses to a step decrease in peripheral conductance in humans
Am J Physiol, 266 (1 Pt 2), H199-211
PubMed 8304500

Van Assema P, Steenbakkers M, Eriksen M, Kok G (1994)
The process evaluation of a dutch community health project
Int Q Community Health Educ, 15 (2), 187-208
PubMed 20841026

van Assema P, Steenbakkers M, Kok G, Eriksen M, de Vries H (1994)
Results of the Dutch community project "Healthy Bergeyk"
Prev Med, 23 (3), 394-401
PubMed 8078862

Publications 1993

Eriksen M, Lossius K (1993)
Inadequacy of laser Doppler flowmetry in skin areas of the human hand
Med Biol Eng Comput, 31 (3), 311-8
PubMed 8412386

Lossius K, Eriksen M, Walløe L (1993)
Fluctuations in blood flow to acral skin in humans: connection with heart rate and blood pressure variability
J Physiol, 460, 641-55
PubMed 8487211

Toska K, Eriksen M (1993)
Respiration-synchronous fluctuations in stroke volume, heart rate and arterial pressure in humans
J Physiol, 472, 501-12
PubMed 8145156

van Assema P, Pieterse M, Kok G, Eriksen M, de Vries H (1993)
The determinants of four cancer-related risk behaviours
Health Educ Res, 8 (4), 461-72
PubMed 10146560

Publications 1992

Eriksen M (1992)
Effect of pulsatile arterial diameter variations on blood flow estimated by Doppler ultrasound
Med Biol Eng Comput, 30 (1), 46-50
PubMed 1640754

Waaler BA, Eriksen M (1992)
Post-prandial cardiovascular responses in man after ingestion of carbohydrate, protein or fat
Acta Physiol Scand, 146 (3), 321-7
PubMed 1481689

Publications 1991

Waaler BA, Eriksen M, Toska K (1991)
The effect of meal size on postprandial increase in cardiac output
Acta Physiol Scand, 142 (1), 33-9
PubMed 1877363

Publications 1990

Eriksen M, Walløe L (1990)
Improved method for cardiac output determination in man using ultrasound Doppler technique
Med Biol Eng Comput, 28 (6), 555-60
PubMed 2287179

Eriksen M, Waaler BA, Walløe L, Wesche J (1990)
Dynamics and dimensions of cardiac output changes in humans at the onset and at the end of moderate rhythmic exercise
J Physiol, 426, 423-37
PubMed 2231406

Waaler BA, Eriksen M, Janbu T (1990)
The effect of a meal on cardiac output in man at rest and during moderate exercise
Acta Physiol Scand, 140 (2), 167-73
PubMed 2267949

Publications 1987

Eriksen M (1987)
Noninvasive measurement of arterial diameters in humans using ultrasound echoes with prefiltered waveforms
Med Biol Eng Comput, 25 (2), 189-94
PubMed 3320587

Publications 1983

Cowan F, Eriksen M, Thoresen M (1983)
An evaluation of the plethysmographic method of measuring cranial blood flow in the new-born infant
J Physiol, 335, 41-50
PubMed 6875886

Publications 1981

Hatteland K, Eriksen M (1981)
A heterodyne ultrasound blood velocity meter
Med Biol Eng Comput, 19 (1), 91-6
PubMed 7278414