Ole Jacob Elle
Position: Associate professor, PhD
Phone: 23070112, 91171790

Section for Technology Research
Section Manager, Ole Jakob Elle, Associate professor, PhD

Research Groups

Medical Robotics, visualisation and navigation
Associate professor Ole Jakob Elle, PhD

Group members
Ole Jakob Elle, Section Manager – Technology Research/Associate Professor, PhD, 23070112, oelle@ous-hf.no
Frederic Courivaud, Senior Researcher, PhD, 23070148, frederic.courivaud@rr-research.no
Espen Remme, Senior Researcher, PhD, 23071413, espen.remme@medisin.uio.no
Laura Slaughter, Senior Researcher/Associate Professor, PhD, laura.slaughter@gmail.com
Hugues Fontenelle, Senior Researcher, PhD, Hugues.Fontenelle@rr-research.no
Phuong Nguyen, Postdoc, PhD, qtquocphuong@yahoo.com
Rafael Palomar, Researcher/Software developer, MSc
Rahul Kumar, PhD fellow, MSc, Rahul.Kumar@rr-research.no
Abubakr El Dirdiri, PhD fellow, MSc, abubakr.eldirdiri@gmail.com
Dilla Handini, PhD fellow, MSc, daffodilsky@gmail.com
Kim Mathiassen, PhD fellow, MSc, (also at ROBIN-group at IFI/UIO), kimmat@ifi.uio.no
Egil Utheim, Researcher, MSc, egil.utheim@mektron.no
Ralf Greisiger, PhD fellow, MSc, (also at ROBIN-group at IFI/UIO), Ralf.Greisiger@ous-hf.no

Research Profile
Most minimally invasive procedures restrict the access and direct vision to the regions which require surgery. Such procedures require intra-operative image modalities such as ultrasound or endoscopic images to be able to monitor the surgery real-time. In many cases this information is not sufficient to perform the procedure accurately and safely. Merging information acquired pre-operatively, mainly from for instance MRI, CT or PET, with intra-operative data can increase the basis for decisions and thereby improve the safety and accuracy of the procedure. The Medical Robotics, visualization and navigation group develops cutting edge technological solutions which support minimally invasive procedures. The research focus is on image processing methods that are key elements in any software system which supports minimally invasive procedures. In particular, we are focused on developing real-time image-segmentation and - registration methods where segmentation methods finds important anatomical structures such as tumors and vessel structures in images, while registration methods enables fusion of images. Visualization and navigation is required to present the medical images to the surgeon intra-operatively. We are developing visualization systems which use advanced techniques such as augmented reality and volume rendering for this purpose. Robotic surgery which so far primarily has been tele-manipulators like Da Vinci, will in the future in addition to use real-time sensors like force/torque, inertia (accelerometer/gyro) and 3D video be more and more cross-linked with medical image information and move toward automation of surgical procedures. The research group is doing research in all these fields of technology facilitating minimally invasive surgery.

Long term goals
The research group aims to be nationally and internationally leading research environment in technological solutions for image guided minimally invasive treatment. The group will strive to have competent personnel within the following technological areas:
Real-time Image-processing (image analysis, segmentation…)
Real-time volume visualisation
Navigation technology
Robotic technology
Real-time sensing
Technology support to Minimally Invasive Treatment in the hybrid OR’s in general
The research group want to further extend the national and international research networking by applying research grants as coordinator through NFR and EU- calls as well as participating in consortiums within EU initiatives.

The group will strive towards increasing the number of publications in peer reviewed journals and conferences of high standing.

The section is partly financed through the hospital (permanent staff), but to a great extent through projects funded by NFR and EU. We are currently participating in 3 EU-projects as well as several NFR-projects and projects financed by Innovasjon Norge.

IIIOS (Integrated Intra-operative Imaging Operating System):
The scope of the IIIOS consortium is to provide technology and training for the integration of ultrasound and biophotonics based imaging guidance with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to define the specs of an Integrated Interventional Imaging Operating System (IIIOS) aimed at minimal invasive treatment of common life-threatening disorders, e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease and structural heart defects.
SCath (Smart Catheterization):
SCATh aims to provide the interventionalist with visual and haptic tools for robust and accurate catheter guidance, which will be developed through novel approaches, by fusing preoperative patient-specific anatomical and mechanical models and intra-operative data streams from in situ sensors.
I-SUR (Intelligent Surgical Robotics):
This project addresses a very complex problem that can be expressed in a very simple form: is it possible to automate surgery? To explore the feasibility of a solution to this problem, in this project we develop general methods for cognitive surgical robots capable of combining sensing, dexterity and cognitive capabilities to carry out autonomously simple surgical actions, such as puncturing, cutting and suturing.

MUSIKK 2020 (Multidisciplinary skills for the Biomedical Engineers of 2020):
- Submittet application Nov. 2012 to Marie Curie EU-ITN-actions as Coordinator
Key to the success of platforms for selecting patients and informing optimal treatment is the development of novel biomedical engineering (BME) based technologies for diagnosis, minimally invasive therapy and monitoring. Musik2020 is a coordinated plan of individual research projects addressing two most significant health issues of our society: cardiovascular disease and cancer. Its main focus is the development of engineering and information technologies for improved management of these diseases, where the multi-disciplinary dialogue and work between clinicians and biomedical engineers is critical.

University of Dundee
University of St. Andrews
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
University of Homburg, SAAR
Delft University of Technology
MR Comp GmbH
University of Lubeck
Fakultni Nemocnice u sv. Anny v Brne
GE Medical Systems
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Oslo Universitetssykehus HF,Oslo, Norway
Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Winterthur, Switzerland
Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom
Institute of Biomechanics Center of Biomedical Engineering, Graz, Austria
Endosense SA, Geneva, Switzerland
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy
University of Verona
Oslo University Hospital
Tallin University
San Raffaele Hospital
Yeditepe University
ETH Zurich
King’s College London
University of Oxford
GE Vingmed
Sintef Medical Technology
Sheffield Hallam University
Universidad de Zaragoza
Universidad politecnica de Madrid


Author network for Ole Jacob Elle by COREMINE medical

Publications 2017

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Publications 2016

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Publications 2015

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Publications 2013

Eldirdiri A, Courivaud F, Palomar R, Hol PK, Elle OJ (2013)
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Publications 2012

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Publications 2006

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