Welcome to John T. Vaage's groupNK Cell Research Group (NKRG)

J.T. Vaage

Research aims:
NKRG focuses on the biology and recognition mechanisms of Natural Killer (NK) cells, which constitute an important part of our innate immune defense against neoplastic and virally infected cells. NK cells also react against normal allogeneic cells from other individuals or strains. Focus has been on the characterization of several families of lectin-like receptors on subsets of NK cells and their involvement in immune responses against diseased or transplanted cells in the rat. Our aim is to be able to translate some of this knowledge into more clinically relevant models, especially related to transplantation immunology where we have a strong link to patient-related service functions.

Current projects

  • Characterization of the MHC-Ib binding repertoire of inhibitory and activating Ly49 receptors and impact on allogeneic stem cell transplantation
  • Characterization of subsets of NK cells in different tissues with a focus on developmental and functional characteristics, as well as involvement in various immune responses
  • An unusual case of MHC restriction of alloreactive T cells, converging with NK cells in their MHC-Ib recognition.