Translational Research on Energetics and Cancer (TREC)

Inger ThuneGroup leader
Inger Thune
Group leader

The TREC research group includes scientists from many different disciplines and projects ranging from cancer biology and genetics to behavioral subjects, sociocultural and environmental influences on nutrition, physical activity, weight, energy balance and energy.

The group’s main focus is breast cancer studies and it is strongly involved in studying its relation to energy balance and physical activity (the EBBA study). Factors affecting energy balance, such as susceptibility genes, fat metabolism, body size and hormone levels have been studied on a molecular level.

The national core for TREC studies has established a biobank and is developing a clinical database for the evaluation of clinical endpoints associated with cancer. The purpose of the projects initiated by the researchers is to contribute new knowledge based on data from randomized clinical trials, clinical studies, tissue samples, mechanistic studies and cross-sectional population-based cohort unique studies.

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