Arrival at Bergen Airport, Flesland on Saturday: Foreign attendees might either arrive there by an international flight or via Oslo Airport Gardermoen with a connecting domestic flight to Flesland airport. Conference Charter buses will then depart from Bergen Airport to Stalheim hotel (see below).

Charter buses to Stalheim Hotel - Departures from Flesland Airport:
The times for departure are on the first day of the Conference (Saturday) at 1:00 PM, 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM. Travel time to Stalheim Hotel will be approximately 2 h. Reservation for the chartered bus is made upon registration. The bus charges will be announced.

Private transportation:
If you are not coming from the airport on Saturday, or you do not wish to take the Charter Bus, you may be interested in taking the train from Oslo to Bergen or other public/private company to get you to Stalheim Hotel:

For further information please click into the Web-page of Stalheim Hotel .

Please Note: the Public buses do not stop at the Stalheim Hotel, and an additional Taxi service will be required to complete the trip.

Departure from Stalheim Hotel – Wednesday 09:00 am
The chartered buses depart from Stalheim hotel to take the Attendees to the Bergen Airport after breakfast at 09:00 am on Wednesday. A reservation for the return chartered bus is made during your registration.