Intracellular Transport and Signal Transduction

in Cancer Biomedicine

Stalheim Hotel, the Nærøy fjord, Norway 19-23 May 2007

Arrival Saturday, May 19

18:00 Registration

20:00 Dinner

Day 1 Sunday, May 20 Signal Transduction

Receptor Tyrosine Kinases I (Discussion Leader: Harald Stenmark)

09:00 Lena Claesson-Welsh: "Vascular endothelial growth factors: construction of the 3-D vascular tube".

09:30 Ivan Dikic: "Ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins in cancer pathogenesis"

10:00 Jørgen Wesche: "Different intracellular trafficking of FGF1 endocytosed by the four FGF receptors"

10:20 Coffee break

10:50 Inger Helene Madshus: "Clathrin-mediated endocytosis of the epidermal growth factor receptor".

11:20 Bo van Deurs: "Endocytic downregulation of ErbB receptors"

11:50 Carina Hellberg: "Loss of T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase induces recycling of the PDGF beta-receptor but not of the PDGF alpha-receptor".

12:10 Lunch

Receptor Tyrosine Kinases II (Discussion Leader: Antoni Wiedlocha)

14:00 David Ornitz: "Myocardial development and coronary vasculogenesis: Regulation by FGF, HH and VEGF signals"

14:30 Jean-Paul Thiery: "Signaling pathways in mammary gland development and tumor progression"

15:00 Emily Eden: "The role of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B-mediated dephosphorylation in the regulation of EGF receptor traffic"

15:20 Coffee break

15:50 Andrew Wilkie: "FGF receptors, selfish mutations, and testicluar cancer"

16:20 Shane Minogue: "Type II Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase, Endocytosis and Receptor Signalling"

16:40 Tor Erik Rusten: "Drosophila ESCRT function and cell signalling"

19:00 Dinner

20:00 - Poster session I

Day 2 Monday, May 21 Cancer Biomedicine

Signaling and Trafficking in Cancerogenesis (Discussion Leader: Sjur Olsnes)

09:00 Keynote lecture: Joseph Schlessinger: "Cell Signaling by Receptor Tyrosine Kinases: from Bench to Bedside"

09:45 Bart Vanhaesebroeck: "The function of PI 3-kinases in growth and metabolic regulation"

10:15 Coffee break

10:45 Christiane Walch-Solimena: "Nucleo-cytoplasmic shuttling of a Golgi phosphoinositide kinase is regulated by 14-3-3 proteins"


12:00 Boat trip with lunch

19:00 Dinner

20:00 - Poster session II

Day 3 Tuesday, May 22 Intracellular Transport

Endocytic Trafficking I (Discussion Leader: Tore-Geir Iversen)

09:00 Gisou van der Goot: "Activation of lipid metabolic pathways as a mechanism of cell survival"

09:30 Olga Vites: "Neurotrophin receptor trafficking in motor neurons".

10:00 Colin Hopkins: "The role of Rab 11 associated proteins in regulating transport through the early endosome"

10:20 Coffee break

10:50 Harry Mellor: "Endocytic trafficking in angiogenesis"

11:10 Sigrid Strand Skånland: "Phosphoinositide-regulated retrograde transport of ricin: Crosstalk between hVps34 and sorting nexins".

11:30 Tomas Kirchhausen: "Regulation of cell size during cell division".

12:00 Lunch

Endocytic Trafficking II (Discussion Leader: Kirsten Sandvig)

14:00 Tom Rapoport: "Protein transport in and out of the endoplasmic reticulum"

14:30 Ari Helenius: "What are viruses telling us about endocytosis?"

15:00 Kim Finley: "Defects in Autophagy and Lysosomal Transport Accelerate Neuronal Aging in Drosophila"

15:20 Coffee break

15:50 Igor Korobko: "Small deletion but significant changes: intracellular localization of the Rabaptin-5 gamma isoform”

16:10 Jaakko Saraste: "Partitioning of pre-Golgi membranes during mitosis"

16:30 Marino Zerial: "Regulation of endocytic membrane trafficking by Rab GTPases"

19:00 Banquet

Departure Wednesday, May 23

09:00 Departure