The cerebrovascular research group

Mona SkjellandGroup leader
Mona Skjelland
Group leader

The Cerebrovascular Research Group has several active research projects, both on primary and secondary prevention as well as pre-hospital and in-hospital treatment of acute stroke. The group has broad interest in atherosclerosis, inflammation and acute stroke, including multi-modal imaging methods (MRI, PET, ultrasound). The group research aims to reduce incidence of stroke (biomarkers), reduce stroke severity (neuroprotection) and improve patient outcome (cognition and vascular dementia). The research includes both clinical and translational studies.

Some main areas of our research

  1. Pre-hospital and acute stroke.
    The focus of this group is to improve and implement prehospital diagnostics and treatment of acute stroke patients. Subgroup leader is Else Charlotte Sandset.
  2. Acute stroke treatment and atrial fibrillation.
    The scientific research interest is acute stroke treatment and diagnostic workup in acute ischemic stroke and the relation between stroke and atrial fibrillation. Subgroup leader is Anne-Hege Aamodt.
  3. Acute stroke, inflammation and the gut-brain axis.
    The main aim of this group is to study the role of inflammation in acute stroke and the impact of gut microbiota on cerebrovascular disease. Subgroup leader is Karolina Skagen
  4. Stroke and cognition.
    This group aims to quantify and measure levels of cognitive impairment after stroke and to identify biological and clinical markers associated with prognosis for cognitive disorders following incident stroke. Subgroup leader is Hege Ihle-Hansen.