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Cerebrovascular diseases

D. Russell
We have extensive international and national collaboration and networking within our group’s main fields of interest.
Professor David Russell is group leader. Other senior group members are dr. Anne Hege Aamodt, dr. Mona Skjelland and dr. Christian G. Lund.

Anne Hege Aamodt’s Project Group and Mona Skjelland's Project Group are presented separately.

Research interests

Main projects/Ph.D. candiates:

  • The vulnerable carotid artery plaque – Dr Karoline Skagen
  • Cerebral hemodynamics during Pediatric cardiac surgery – Dr Sean Wallace
  • Carotid ultrasound – dr Kristin Evensen


ECRI (European Cerebrovascular Research Infrastructure) is a platform for European stroke research centres that provides the essential infrastructure for international cooperation with shared database, secure network access and advanced consent handling. ECRI is established to facilitate high-quality medical research with international cooperation.

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