Scientific contributions ERS 2011


Current screening programs for lung cancer - Are inclusion criteria too rigorous to identify asymptomatic patients?; A. Bugge, A. Naalsund, M. B. Lund (Oslo, Norway)

Granulomatous reaction - A common cause of mediastinal and hilar lymphadenopathy in non-pulmonary malignancies; A. Sundset, I. Leuckfeld, P. Giæver, P. Jebsen, A. Naalsund (Oslo, Norway)

Sputum neutrophilia and annual decline of FEV1 in dust exposed workers; L. I. B. Sikkeland, T. B. Riste, H. L. Johnsen, V. Søyseth, J. Kongerud (Oslo, Lørenskog, Norway)

Acute myocardial infarction is associated with increased number of bronchial macrophages in low risk patients; V. Soyseth, F. Mahmood, A. D. Hoiseth, A. Neukamm, P. Brekke, T. Waehre, T. Omland, J. Kongerud (Lørenskog, Oslo, Norway)

Effects of gastric bypass surgery compared to intensive lifestyle treatment on blood gases and lung function in morbidly obese subjects; A. M. Gabrielsen, M. B. Lund, J. Kongerud, V. Karl Erik, J. Hjelmesæth (Tønsberg, Oslo, Norway)

Anziety, depression and coping in patients awaiting lung transplantation; T.S. Soyseth, A. Heldal, G.K. Haugstad, V. Soyseth; O. Bjortuft and M.B. Lund (Lørenskog, Oslo, Norway)


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