Neuroscience Research Unit - Forskningsenhet for nevrofag

LogoThe Neuroscience Research Unit includes members from several research groups of the Division of Clinical Neuroscience, in Norwegian (Forskningsenhet for nevrofag) press here. The participating research groups study a variety of brain disorders using advanced methods. Many studies include the use of molecular biological methods, and several groups are focusing on the genetic basis of brain disorders.

The Neuroscience Research Unit has since 2013 been localised in the new wing of Domus Medica, adjacent to the hospital buildings at Rikshospitalet. Domus medica provides an excellent environment for laboratory based studies, with modern laboratory equipment and new offices. The location enables interaction within the Unit and with other scientists at Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo.

The following research groups have personell located in Domus medica:

News from the group, recent publications and further information are available at the sites of each research group.

If you have any questions about our laboratory or our arrangements, please contact Tone Berge (, researcher and daily leader of the Neuroscience Research Unit laboratory.



Gene Expression and epigenetic changes in brain disorders

On 11. October, Neuroscience Research Unit arranged a seminar on the topic "Gene expression and epigenetic changes in brain disorders". We thank Associate Professor Maja Jagodic from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm for giving a presentation adn for guiding us through fruitful discussions on the topic.

Statsråd Bent Høye visits our laboratory

In connection with the release of the National brain-health strategy 2018-2024, Bent Høie visited or lab.

Fra venstre: Hanne F. Harbo, Bent Høie, Tone Berge, Lasse Pihlstrøm, Espen Dietrichs og Anne Grethe Erlandsen. Foto: Anders Bayer, OUS

Bioinformatics work shop and seminar with external evaluator

Monday and Tuesday 13.-14. of November Brooke Rhead from the University of San Fransisco Berkeley, USA, visited our research unit and had a 1,5 day of work shop in bioinformatics. Tuesday we had an exciting seminar with external evaluator Professor Tom Hemming Karlsen. We thank OUS for providing funding for these seminars and thanks to Brooke and Tom for their effort and important input.

Seminar on MR and CT in brain diseases

Thursday 21.09.17 the Neuroscience Research Unit in collaboration with the Department of Radiology arranged a seminar on MR and CT in brain diseases.

Dr. Maria Rocca, who is chief of unit and a group leader at the Division of Neuroscience, Neuroimaging of CNS White Matter lab at the Hospital of San Raffaele, Milan, Italy was among the speakers in addition to several Norwegian speakers from the Oslo University Hospital/University of Oslo.

Research seminar at Refsnes Gods 20.-21. September 2016

Professor Stephan Sawcer from the University of Cambridge, UK, joined as an external science evaluator at our seminar for researchers at the Neuroscience Research Unit. PhD and master students gave short blitz presentation of their research projects. We also had talks from different disciplines within our department in order to learn what kind of techniques and expertise are at the department. The seminar was at Refsnes Gods in Moss and we also had the chance to enjoy the good food and atmosphere at this location. Tanks to all contributors!

PhD project evaluation seminar with Svein Ivar Mellgren 15th of September, 2015

Tuesday the 15th of September 2015, Neuroscience Research Unit arranged a PhD evaluation seminar where Professor Emeritus Svein Ivar Mellgren acted as external evaluator for PhD projects presented by 12 PhD students in our unit. In front from the left: Ingvild Sørum Leikfoss, Agnes Balint Bjørke, Cecilie Nome, Siri Rydning, Victoria Berge-Seidl, Svein Ivar Mellgren, Pankaj Kumar Keshari, back from the left: Cecilia Smith Simonsen, Lars Christian Haugli Bråten, Piotr Sowa and Ina Skaara Brorson (photo: Tone Berge).